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How To Open-Source Your First Python Package

Why a Python package?

Python is an intuitive general-purpose language with an easy-to-understand syntax. It makes prototyping, web development, data science and more, much easier than in any other programming languages. This is due to its large and supportive community and its numerous software libraries.

You have ever found yourself writing mutliple times the same lines of code in different projects? Or perhaps, you have already written some useful library that you would like to make available to others? Or maybe, you are just interested in Python Packaging or in contributing to the Python community?

In this article we will create a small package and then upload it to Python Package Index (PyPi) so that anyone can download and use your code as a software library using pip install .

When I built my first package in Python, I found the process somewhat tedious. That motivated me to write this article which will put you through the basics of how to build a Python package and share it with the rest of the world.


If you have a GitHub account and Python installed you can jump ahead to the Project Overview.

Git Repository

To be part of the open-source community, you must publicly host a project on a version control hosting service. The most common choice is to use a Git repository host which holds a virtual storage of your project. It allows you to coordinate work among programmers and save versions of your code, which you can access when needed. The most used hosting service is GitHub. If you don’t have an account yet, the first step is to create one right here.


We will use Python 3. Any version from Python 3.5 can be used for the project. If you don’t have Python, you can download it from’s download page. I will be using Python 3.7 on Windows, yet it doesn’t matter what version or OS you have for this project. If you are new to Python, I could suggest you to go through some exercises of this tutorial.


An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a source code editor that provides you with debugging and automation tools. It doesn’t matter what code editor or IDE you use as long as you like it. I will personnaly use a light yet powerful code editor called Visual Studio Code.

Ready to code!

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How To Open-Source Your First Python Package
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Ray Patel


Lambda, Map, Filter functions in python

Welcome to my Blog, In this article, we will learn python lambda function, Map function, and filter function.

Lambda function in python: Lambda is a one line anonymous function and lambda takes any number of arguments but can only have one expression and python lambda syntax is

Syntax: x = lambda arguments : expression

Now i will show you some python lambda function examples:

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August Larson


Reflecting On My First 5 Months As An Open-Source Contributor

Hey there everybody,

Early in 2020 I started a journey as a Content Creator, where I’ve been writing technical content on Software Development — mostly focused on the Python stack.

In the past 5 months, I began a new journey as an open-source contributor, and to date, I’ve contributed to 8 different python packages.

I’m going to share my story as 5-month old contributor with you here, along with my thoughts on why it’s beneficial to contribute to open source.

This article originally started as a thread on Twitter and then decided to turn it into an article regarding my journey as an open-source contributor. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and take your time!

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Ray Patel


Top 20 Most Useful Python Modules or Packages

 March 25, 2021  Deepak@321  0 Comments

Welcome to my blog, In this article, we will learn the top 20 most useful python modules or packages and these modules every Python developer should know.

Hello everybody and welcome back so in this article I’m going to be sharing with you 20 Python modules you need to know. Now I’ve split these python modules into four different categories to make little bit easier for us and the categories are:

  1. Web Development
  2. Data Science
  3. Machine Learning
  4. AI and graphical user interfaces.

Near the end of the article, I also share my personal favorite Python module so make sure you stay tuned to see what that is also make sure to share with me in the comments down below your favorite Python module.

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22 Interesting Python Open Source Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners [2021]

Python is among the most popular programming languages on the planet, and there are many reasons behind this fame. One of those reasons is a large number of open-source projects and libraries available for this language. From machine learning to animation, there’s a Python project for nearly everything. If you want to become a proficient Python developer, you should be familiar with some of these projects (if not all).

That’s why in this article, we’ll discuss different Python projects with source code Github. Because Python has applications in various industries, you might find many projects to help you complete your tasks. You should choose projects according to your interests and your experience. You can bookmark this article for future reference. Let’s get started.

Here are a few of the Python Open Source Project Ideas –

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How to Install Pyenv on Ubuntu 18.04

What is Pyenv?
Pyenv is a fantastic tool for installing and managing multiple Python versions. It enables a developer to quickly gain access to newer versions of Python and keeps the system clean and free of unnecessary package bloat. It also offers the ability to quickly switch from one version of Python to another, as well as specify the version of Python a given project uses and can automatically switch to that version. This tutorial covers how to install pyenv on Ubuntu 18.04.

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