CRUD Operation In PHP

Today we will see how to create CRUD Operation In PHP,if you are new developer or fresher in web developing then crud operations in php using mysql example help you to learn how to create login-logout with insert update delete record in php.

So, let's see crud operations in php using mysql.

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Laravel 8 CRUD Operation Example

Hello Friend,

As you know Laravel 8 already officially released and today I will show you how to create CRUD operation in laravel 8, I have already perform many CRUD operations in my previous post like CRUD operation in ajax, CRUD operation in laravel 6 etc. So, today I will give you laravel 8 CRUD application example.

Laravel 8 CRUD Operation Example

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Gordon  Murray

Gordon Murray


How to Use Prepared Statement in PHP 8 For CRUD Application

Security is a measured challenge while creating an application in PHP. The raw SQL query in PHP can be injected through a malicious function. This may affect your entire functionality. Even you can lose your database or particular table and even any record. Due to the SQL injection, the vulnerable code or script can be injected into your SQL query. It is the most important thing to prevent SQL injection in your PHP application. I already shared a brief post on  SQL Injection and Prevention Techniques in PHP. The PHP frameworks like  Laravel,  CodeIgniter, etc are secured from the SQL injection. We can overcome the possibility of SQL injection using prepared statement. The PHP prepared statement query will generate a placeholder. It will prepare a SQL statement and later will bind the values to the placeholder. In this post, I will create a CRUD app using prepared statement.


  • 1 Prerequisites
  • 2 Create a Project Folder Structure
  • 3 Create Database and Table
  • 4 Database Connection For PHP Prepared Statement
  • 5 Create Master Layouts in PHP
  • 6 Create Index File For Displaying Data
  • 7 CRUD in PHP Using Prepared Statement
  • 8 Create Post
  • 9 Show Post
  • 10 Update Post
  • 11 Delete Post
  • 12 Conclusion
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For creating this CRUD app in php using prepared statement, you must have the below configuration.

  • Apache/Nginx Server
  • PHP >=7
  • MySQL >=5
  • VS Code (Optional)

Create a Project Folder Structure

Firstly, go to the htdocs directory if you are a windows user and installed xampp/wampp. If you are a Linux user then go to the var/www/html and create a new folder there. In my case, the folder name is crud. Inside this folder, I have created these two subfolders named assets and master.

Let me explain the file

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Sigrid  Farrell

Sigrid Farrell


Spring Boot CRUD Operations

In the video in this article, we take a closer look at the Spring Boot CRUD Operations Example alongside Exception Handling!

In the video below, we take a closer look at the Spring Boot CRUD Operations example with exception handling. Let’s get started!

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CRUD Operation In PHP

Hello All,

In this tutorial i will show you how to create CRUD operation with login-logout in php.So if you are newcomer in devloping or fresher in web developing then this post definitely help you to learn how to create login-logout with insert, update, delete data using mysql in database.

So,let’s start and follow my steps as discribed in below and get output.

CRUD Operation In PHP

Thanks for reading !!

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