How to use the Vue Transitions Component

How to use the Vue Transitions Component

Vue offers built-in <transition> component to apply transition effects and animate DOM easily. It is a special component that we can use to animate anything which is between the opening and closing tag.


Vue offers built-in <transition> component to apply transition effects and animate DOM easily. It is a special component that we can use to animate anything which is between the opening and closing tag.

Only _**_ONE**_ element can animate with the `` component._

You can have multiple elements inside of this <transition> component, but then have to apply conditions of these elements using** v-if** or_ v-show_. We can use the <transition-group> component for multiple components.

Demo Scenario

Alert Notification will appear and slide up after 5 seconds using built-in <transition> component. Here’s an example:

Vue Transition — Alert Notification

There are 6 CSS Transition Classesfor enter/leave transitions according to the latest official documentation. Not neccessary have to define all 6 classes ,depends of what type of transition/animation.

v- prefix is the *default *when use a <transition> element with no name. Here the v- prefix is replaced by slide-fade- prefix, for an example, it will become by slide-fade-enter-from and declare name at the <transition> element opening tag.

<transition name="slide-fade">

There is a reasons for this naming. There have two different animations that are slide for enter transition **and fade for leaving transition** for this demoscenario — Alert Notification.

How Transition Classes work

There are six classes applied to enter/leave transitions.

  1. slide-fade-enter-from: Starting state to enter. Added before the element is inserted, removed one frame after the element is inserted. It triggered by the **`appear` attribute.**
  2. slide-fade-enter-active: Added to element with v-enter-from, removed when the transition/animation finishes. Time duration, delay, and easing curve for the entering transition are defined. For an example, the transition is delayed about 5 seconds to start the animation.

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