Reducing Support Overload with an Einstein-Powered Chatbot

Chatbots have a variety of use cases. One of the more common uses is to help reduce repetitive customer service work, enabling human agents to focus on more complex and personal tasks. In this tutorial, I create a basic bot for a small company that assists the customer support team. The bot can answer a selection of common questions about a fictional software application. The bot uses natural language processing (NLP) to recognize certain questions and respond appropriately, directing the user to a human support agent if they ask, or the bot is unable to understand or answer.

There are a lot of platforms available for creating bots, but I decided to try Einstein from Salesforce, as it can integrate with Salesforce data and workflows, which are commonly used by customer service teams.

Einstein Chatbot

Einstein is AI for the Salesforce Platform, providing infrastructure for creating predictive models to interact with Salesforce data. This includes analytics, text, and image analysis, as well as a bot platform that combines text analysis and Salesforce workflows.

Create Community and Add Chat

I wanted to add a bot to an external site I had set up with Heroku, but following the steps for creating and adding it to a Salesforce Community seemed to be the easiest and fastest way to see what was possible as I didn’t need to set up a custom server or whitelisting.

The first step is to create the community and add the chat capabilities that my bot will use to talk to the customers. I used this Trailhead module as a guide. For my specific case, I called my community “Customer Support,” and chose a domain that suited, I also changed some of the settings to “Acme Support” to suit my use case, and added my domain to the Website URL step.

When you add the embedded chat to your community components, make sure you select the correct Chat Deployment and configure its look to suit your use case.

If you want to add the bot to a web page of your own, instead of creating a community for the bot, create a “web chat” button (following the same steps mentioned in the Trailhead module above), then follow this Trailhead module to get started.

At the end of the webchat flow in the trailhead, the module is a code snippet that you can paste into your web page (including Apex pages) to add your bot. The flow for creating an Einstein-powered bot is the same, regardless if you are implementing the bot on a Salesforce community or your custom site.

Wherever you decide to host the bot, update the values in the code snippet to make sure you add the domain to the Website_ URL_ text field, for example, “”. You can customize the bot experience by changing the CSS and JavaScript values, or adding custom JavaScript values using the embedded_svc.settings.extraPrechatFormDetails and embedded_svc.settings.extraPrechatInfo parameters. Use extraPrechatFormDetails to send additional information to the chat transcripts, and extraPrechatInfo to map those values to new or existing records in Salesforce. Find more details in the documentation.

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Reducing Support Overload with an Einstein-Powered Chatbot
Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


11 Of The Best Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Chatbots in 2021

Chatbots for businesses help them engage their website visitors and convert them into potential customers. The implementation of chatbots transforms the way businesses interact with their users. They can use a chatbot AI for sales, marketing, customer support, and automate many other business tasks.

The AI chatbots have revolutionized the customer service experience and enabled businesses to serve their customers in a better way. Chatbots, if created and used right, can help you take your business to all-new levels of success.

To make the best AI chatbot for your business, you need an efficient chatbot builder with various advanced features. In this post, we have listed different chatbot builders with their features, pros, and cons. Just go through the post and find the one that best fits your business needs.

chatbot for your business.

  1. Chatfuel
  2. Gupshup
  3. Appy Pie Chatbot
  4. ChatterOn
  5. MobileMonkey
  7. Imperson
  8. SnatchBot
  9. Botsify
  10. BotCore
  11. Pandorabots

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Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


AI Chatbots for Business: Why You Need One Now!

It’s said that Artificial Intelligence will be just as smart as humans by 2050. Experts like Ray Kurzweil have even predicted that we’ll achieve a technological singularity by 2045.

From that point on, it’s believed that AI will start inventing Nobel Prize-winning inventions every 5 minutes. Granted it’s gonna be out of our control, but hey, at least we’ll see a revolutionary breakthrough.

We may think that these claims are outlandish and ridiculous, but if someone were to tell me in the 70s that there will be self-driving cars in the future, I would’ve wanted to smoke whatever they were smoking.

But guess what, here we are in 2020, and Tesla already has their self-driving cars on the roads right now. And these were all recently developed technologies. Did you know that the first chatbot was actually launched in 1966?

Features of AI Chatbots

Why Do You Need an AI Chatbot?

Chatbots Across Various Industries

Wrapping Up

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Edna Bernhard


An Introduction to AI-Powered Chatbots

What is the first thing we do when you hear a new brand name? You might start by exploring the official website to get complete details. Gone are the days when the websites used to manually interact with the visitors, things are different now. The moment you open the website, you get the interactive chatbots that welcome you to the site and offer seamless support. Yes, chatbots are the New-Age Customer Support Service!

Do you know how and why these chatbots are made? Ever since the evolution of chatbots, their motive has been the same: to provide effortless customer support to visitors. With time, chatbots have become more personalized thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

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Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


How This AI-Enabled Chatbot Radically Transformed Cancer Care Amid Pandemic

The critical industry that has been massively impacted by the pandemic is the healthcare sector; however, AI’s involvement has helped the industry weather the pandemic storm. The AI applications by companies bring back patients’ lives from the edge and improve diagnostics and treatment and help healthcare providers make informed decisions quickly. One such application has been developed by Hospido, India’s first holistic cancer care platform with which cancer patients can get the right treatment advice from India’s best cancer doctors, without visiting hospitals amid pandemic.

The pandemic lockdown has forced many people, including cancer patients, to avoid hospitals and discontinue their treatment due to coronavirus risk. And this is what triggered Karan Chopra, the founder of Hospido to bring out quality healthcare to these cancer patients through telemedicine and satellite treatments centres for providing the right treatment at the right time. In this article, Analytics India Magazine, got in touch with him to understand how this startup revolutionised cancer carer amid pandemic.

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Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


6 Chatbot Builders You Can Use to Emulate Facebook's Messenger

Innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

are essential enablers of digital transformation. The unique ability to distill all complex data into knowledge, along with judgment (AI) and mechanical rules (ML) undoubtedly makes these technologies stand apart.

In order to perform any specific task, AI and ML get to the atom of every job and get it done with comparative ease. In this way, rule-based work separates from knowledge-based work, which typically depends on critical thinking and decision-making skills. This process not only disrupts the current organizational working practices, but also improves the customer experience by reducing time, human resources required, and budget.

For instance: AI and ML, along with Data Science, create Inductive Logic

programming (ILPs) efficient for image and voice recognition. An ILP is the backbone of chatbots. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is another specific case, which accurately illustrates a fundamental change in digital technology.

RPAs are software robots that first learn and then mimic and perform rule-based tasks. They easily interact with any computer application or system with 100% accuracy.

As AI and cognitive computing together erase out the demarcation between the digital and physical worlds, making cognitive systems think, observe, assimilate and learn like humans.

It properly understands the human inputs via Natural Language Processing (NLP) and replies using Dialog Management.

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