Secrets for Building Successful iPhone Apps

Secrets for Building Successful iPhone Apps

A great deal of planning and execution is needed for building successful iPhone apps that meet the requirements of the aesthetics, design, performance, cost, purpose, timeline, tar

Apple is undoubtedly ruling the mobile market and thus developing iPhone applications can yield huge benefits for the business owners. One can bet on the high-quality apps on Apple devices due to the strict requirements that need to be followed by iOS app developers. Apart from following the standard practices for acceptance into the app store, other factors that determine the success of an iPhone app need to be considered.

IPhone app developers should make apps that are user-friendly, suit specific customer needs, provide a user interface that relates to the purpose of the app, design, aesthetics, and enhance customer experience. While the apps should be cost-effective, performance indicators should be used wisely to check out the success of the app. Thus, thoughtful planning and effective execution are highly needed for creating successful, customer-friendly iPhone apps. Let’s explore some of the secrets that help in building successful iPhone apps.

#1: Be crystal clear about the purpose of the app

You need to be completely clear about the requirements of the business and the customers before formulating a mobile strategy. When the iPhone users are clear regarding the needs that will be met by the app, they are more likely to be motivated for downloading the app. Thorough market research and an understanding of the competitor’s app strategy can determine the performance of your app and offer more value to the customers. Thus, by making an outline of the specific purpose of the app, the development process can be simplified to a great extent.

#2: Define the target audience and potential market of your app

It is useless to develop an app that has no target audience. Trying to reach out to a wide audience may lead to faulty design and features. In fact, many customers may be repelled if the app does not cater to their specific needs. Defining the target audience of your app may be a hard part of the app development process as it involves checking out the interests of the people and the number of possible customers having similar interests and requirements. Extensive market research is thus needed to carry out this tedious task. A clear definition of your target audience helps you to figure out the development process of your app and gives your users an easy way to take the next step in their purchase process. For example, a high-end fitness supplement app needs to target premium iPhone customers in the age group of 20 – 50 years, who may be willing to take on fitness supplements and are health conscious.

#3: Plan the layout for your app content

You should plan the layout of the content in such a way that it should fit the screen making it convenient for the users. This eliminates the need to scroll left or right. The three basic rules for Apple iOS design - clarity, deference, and depth, should also be planned strategically. The readability of the content is enhanced due to clarity. Keep the text size large and the text colour dark enough so that it can be read easily on the mobile device. Allow zooming in and zooming out to read the content. You need to make the layout intuitive and the design clean so that as the users navigate through each screen, they should get a sense of drilling into more detailed content. You can use the emulators available on the market to review your layout before getting it published on the app store.

#4: Choose the iOS version thoughtfully

It is the responsibility of the developer to choose the operating versions that will be supported by the app. While the standard is to support iPhone 5 and newer models lately with the code supporting at least iOS 9, iOS 8 is preferred by some developers. Ideally, you can maintain backwards compatibility of “n-1” from the current released version or wait for the user base to drop below a threshold before withdrawing support for a version. For catering to a maximum number of users, your iPhone app should support multiple versions of iOS. It is also important to update the app with the release of a newer version of iOS for retaining its user base.

#5: Keep the design simple and impressive

The UI of the app should be such that the user can interact with the app without any complexities to give a unique UX. Thus, the app design needs to be simple and user-friendly. The users will appreciate if the app is faster and more powerful as it differentiates it from other apps. The design should allow easy navigation to keep the users engaged. The UI elements should be designed keeping the 3D touch in mind to make the app more intuitive. This may be done by moving from small buttons and links to larger objects thereby making it easy for the users to select a drop-down item or tap an element. By using the standard elements for creating the UI for iOS, the apps can be made more intuitive for the users.

#6: Streamline the available features

Though many features may be available in the app that you have created, like content and visuals, it is important to streamline them so that your brand gets recognized. Use the resources from the already existing channels to develop your app and create the look and feel of your brand in the app.

#7: Make your app high-performing

Not only should your iPhone app be fast and reliable, it should also have a download time of no more than a few seconds to attract and retain users. To retain the interest of the users, it is a must for the app to be agile, flexible, and fast. This maintains communication without lag, and all features work properly and make your app popular.

#8: Create an instinctive project directory structure

The project directories should be developed in an organized and intuitive manner to avoid creating a messy and unorganized code. This is useful when another developer has to maintain or fix your code as it prevents the addition of more bugs to the code or the creation of redundant classes.

#9: Test the app before launching

It is essential to test your app for bugs before releasing it. Otherwise, the users may come up with issues within your app, and this will affect the credibility of your company. Moreover, once your app fails, the customers are unlikely to return to it. A/B testing can be used for gauging any issues that need to be fixed and determining which version of the app is most likely to succeed.

#10: Create and remember your Apple ID

You need an Apple ID to upload your app to the App Store and sign your code before uploading. In case you are developing for a client, share all needed files with them so that they can upload to the store. It is created free of cost with an annual account fee when you choose to host your app(s) on the App Store.

#11: Determine the price of your app

Price is a great determinant of the success of your app. You need to evaluate the price of your iPhone app logically as keeping your app free may be enticing, but it may affect your business, especially if you are offering a unique, premium service. You can thus use indicators such as the development time, development cost, and the features provided in the app to gauge the cost of the app. One way to implement this is by offering in-app purchases of additional features while using the app.

#12: Develop your promotion strategy

Your iPhone app should be ready to face the competition provided by a large number of apps in the Apple App Store that boast about their features and functionalities. Thus, your promotional strategy should be alluring and should be able to convince the users. Make your app widely known and spend considerable time on your promotional strategy to reach out to more customers and increase profit margins.

Final words The secret to making your iPhone app successful lies in following the best practices and keep your project organized. Keeping the above points in mind developing an iPhone app you can attract potential users and also keep your user base engaged with the app. This will ensure the success of your iPhone app.

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