Zelma  Gerlach

Zelma Gerlach


Zero-footprint DR solution with Google Cloud VMware Engine & Actifio

Data is the lifeblood of the modern business and you simply cannot afford to lose it: Downtime and data loss are costly and risky, and end users expect 24x7 access to their applications and data. As such, every organization needs a comprehensive business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) strategy that ensures uptime, minimizes data loss and maintains productivity in the face of a disruption. This is especially true in today’s climate when BC & DR plans are being tested by travel restrictions and remote work.

However, traditional approaches to disaster recovery are often expensive because they require you to provision spare idle IT infrastructure at a DR site. And while using on-demand capacity in the cloud has long promised to deliver significant economic efficiencies for DR, it’s only an option if the DR environment is similar to your on-prem infrastructure. What you need is an on-demand, easy-to-stand-up solution that mimics your primary environment, and that lets you pay for capacity only during a disaster or a test.

In this post, we’ll discuss how you use Google Cloud VMware Engine, our fully managed VMware platform delivered as a service, with Actifio enterprise data management software to create a ‘Zero Footprint’ DR solution. The service delivers a fully managed VMware Cloud Foundation stack, making it easy for you to replicate your on-prem environment in Google Cloud. And because you only pay for usage during failover / test time, it lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO). Let’s take a closer look.

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Zero-footprint DR solution with Google Cloud VMware Engine & Actifio