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Top 10 essential skills that software developers should learn in 2020

Every day a new technology comes to the market and you may get confused whether to learn it or not? Which one will go for a long time? Which one should you learn to go ahead on the path of a successful software developer? Here we come up with some essential skills that you should learn in 2020. It includes a programming language like C++ or Java, essential computer science concepts like Data Structures, Algorithms and Computer Network basics, tools like Git, Docker, Kubernetes and containers in general, Cloud computing platforms like AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and skills like SQL and UNIX, etc. This list is not complete, but it gives you a good starting point for skills a programmer should know. Just have a thorough understanding of each one.

Top 11 Essentials Skills for Software Developers in 2020-

1. Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)-
In 2020, each developer, software engineer, data scientist, and even project manager should know about containers and also tools like Docker and Kubernetes. Containers like Docker not just help developers to test their application in a unified environment but also they simplify the deployment process. With the help of Docker, you can rapidly deploy your application with all of its dependency in one shot, it also provides you process isolation. Thus, Kubernetes, which is a container orchestration tool, takes it to the next level and can manage containers for you. This implies you don’t have to worry about the Scalability of your application. And Kubernetes or K8s can do that for you automatically. If you need to learn new skills in 2020, you should learn Docker and Kubernetes.

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2. Cloud Platform (AWS, GCP, or Azure)-
Apart from holders, Cloud is another thing which every Software developer and Data Scientist should learn in 2020. Organizations of all sizes and domains are now shifting their environments into Cloud for cost-saving and better scalability, which implies sooner or later, you have to work with cloud-native applications. They are also necessary for development in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence because the only cloud can provide the computing power required by those resource-hungry models. Learning Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure will take you one step ahead of your rivals. You don’t have to learn all of them. And actually, learning one means you will have a clear idea regarding others.

It will be better to learn AWS as it is the most popular and also most mature cloud platform. And there is a strong demand of developers and system admins with AWS knowledge.

3. Data Structure and Algorithm-
This skill is the highest need by most of the companies to check the problem solving and coding skill also. It is necessary for you to understand how data can be organized and how it can be used to solve a real life problem. Data Structures and Algorithms are the heart of programming. Using data structures you will realize the importance of organizing the data using right data structure and algorithm to solve a specific problem in less time and less space.

4. A Version Control Tool (Git)-
Source control is used to store code, and if you want to become a coder or software developer, you must know version control tools like Git and SVN. Fortunately Git and Github have streamlined the market, and now more than 70% of organizations use Git; thus you can get away by just learning Git. You should put some effort into learning Git well, like you should be comfortable with advanced version control concepts like branching and merging as well as the tool itself, for example both on the command line and using GUI.

5. One Text Editors (VIM)-
Everyday we use a text editor while working as a developer. It’s one of the necessary tools for non-developers and any one who works with computers. Long ago we have used NotePad on Windows and VIM in Linux, but nowadays you have a lot of choices available in terms of advanced editors like Sublime and NotePad++, which provides IDE-like functionalities. It will be advantageous to spend some time learning your favorite Editor and keyboard shortcuts, productivity tips.

**6. IDEs (Integrated Development Environment): **
IDEs allow you to write, modify, compile, run and debug your code. With regards to choosing the best development environment, various software developers have different choices for various purposes or language they are working on. Each developer should know how to use IDEs to write, compile, run and debug their code. Using an IDE accelerates their work and there are such a large number of IDEs available for developers. For C, C++ and C# developers most recommended choice is Visual Studio or Code::Blocks. Also, for Python developers, PyCharm, Spyder or Jupyter notebook are getting popularity. For Java Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA is the best choice for developers.

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Top 10 essential skills that software developers should learn in 2020
Christa  Stehr

Christa Stehr


Offshore Software Development - Best Practices

With the rise of globalization and the worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic, most of the work has been done by remote working processes and professionals from their homes. This lockdown has proved the efficiency of remote development and enhanced the trust in offshore software development industry.

To make the most out of the benefits of offshore software development, you should understand the crucial factors that affect offshore development. This is why you should read this guide for the best practices when hiring an offshore software development company. Despite the size and the industry of the business, offshore software development is not beneficial for every entrepreneur in many aspects to make the optimum use of talents in technology across the globe.

Here are some of the top reasons why offshore development is beneficial for your business.

  • Offshore development teams can work on flexible timing to provide you with the best possible software development practices.
  • Get access to the talents across the world from your home to develop the top of the line software with the help of offshore development companies.
  • Assured high quality and next-generation technology expertise with duly NDA signed with respect to the priorities of the business.
  • With flexible recruitment models, you can hire the freelance developers, remote development team, or an entire offshore development company with respect to the size of your business.
  • Build high-end software applications from one corner of the world by hiring software developers across the world.
  • Get immediate access to the best resources without hiring them on a permanent basis.

To avail of all these benefits, you should have clear goals, a list of requirements, and features that are mandatory for your software product.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best offshore software development company. Build a top-notch software application by following the listed best practices.

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Mikel Okuneva


Top 10 Deep Learning Sessions To Look Forward To At DVDC 2020

The Deep Learning DevCon 2020, DLDC 2020, has exciting talks and sessions around the latest developments in the field of deep learning, that will not only be interesting for professionals of this field but also for the enthusiasts who are willing to make a career in the field of deep learning. The two-day conference scheduled for 29th and 30th October will host paper presentations, tech talks, workshops that will uncover some interesting developments as well as the latest research and advancement of this area. Further to this, with deep learning gaining massive traction, this conference will highlight some fascinating use cases across the world.

Here are ten interesting talks and sessions of DLDC 2020 that one should definitely attend:

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Adversarial Robustness in Deep Learning

By Dipanjan Sarkar

**About: **Adversarial Robustness in Deep Learning is a session presented by Dipanjan Sarkar, a Data Science Lead at Applied Materials, as well as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning. In this session, he will focus on the adversarial robustness in the field of deep learning, where he talks about its importance, different types of adversarial attacks, and will showcase some ways to train the neural networks with adversarial realisation. Considering abstract deep learning has brought us tremendous achievements in the fields of computer vision and natural language processing, this talk will be really interesting for people working in this area. With this session, the attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of adversarial perturbations in the field of deep learning and ways to deal with them with common recipes.

Read an interview with Dipanjan Sarkar.

Imbalance Handling with Combination of Deep Variational Autoencoder and NEATER

By Divye Singh

**About: **Imbalance Handling with Combination of Deep Variational Autoencoder and NEATER is a paper presentation by Divye Singh, who has a masters in technology degree in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation and has the interest to research in the field of artificial intelligence, learning-based systems, machine learning, etc. In this paper presentation, he will talk about the common problem of class imbalance in medical diagnosis and anomaly detection, and how the problem can be solved with a deep learning framework. The talk focuses on the paper, where he has proposed a synergistic over-sampling method generating informative synthetic minority class data by filtering the noise from the over-sampled examples. Further, he will also showcase the experimental results on several real-life imbalanced datasets to prove the effectiveness of the proposed method for binary classification problems.

Default Rate Prediction Models for Self-Employment in Korea using Ridge, Random Forest & Deep Neural Network

By Dongsuk Hong

About: This is a paper presentation given by Dongsuk Hong, who is a PhD in Computer Science, and works in the big data centre of Korea Credit Information Services. This talk will introduce the attendees with machine learning and deep learning models for predicting self-employment default rates using credit information. He will talk about the study, where the DNN model is implemented for two purposes — a sub-model for the selection of credit information variables; and works for cascading to the final model that predicts default rates. Hong’s main research area is data analysis of credit information, where she is particularly interested in evaluating the performance of prediction models based on machine learning and deep learning. This talk will be interesting for the deep learning practitioners who are willing to make a career in this field.

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5 Core Criteria for Selecting Software Development Company -

Check out these five criteria for the selection of your software vendor, and you will never regret having the wrong quality product made for you.

One of the primary reasons why many companies are stuck with an underperforming software product is that they did not give the requisite attention in selecting an efficient software development partner. We assure you that if you put in some effort and pay heed to the factors mentioned above, then you will be able to select an efficient custom software development company to build your software that will cater to all your requirements.

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E-learning Software Services - SISGAIN

SISGAIN is one of the top e-Learning software companies in New York, USA. Develop Education Technology based, mobile application for e-learning from SISGAIN. We Develop User Friendly Education App and Provide e-learning web portals development Service. Get Free Quote, Instant Support & End to End Solution. SISGAIN has been developing educational software and provides e-learning application development services for US & UK clients. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at

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Custom Software vs Off-the-shelf Software: How to select a better one for your business?

Custom Software or Off-the-shelf software, the question in mind for many business personnel. Read this blog to get help to make the right decision that will benefit your business.
For a business that wants to upgrade and modernize itself with the help of software, a common dilemma it is whether to go for custom-made software or opt for off-the-shelf software. You can find many top software development companies worldwide, but before that all, you should first decide the type of software –an off-the-shelf software or a custom one.
This blog aims to overcome the dilemma and accord some clarity to a business looking to automate its business processes.

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