How to Find Uber-like App Development Cost? - My Blog

How to Find Uber-like App Development Cost? - My Blog

However, this cost can be optimized if it is developed by a mobile app development company in India, which is the biggest market for IT outsourcing. 

The most significant interruption in the cab industry was after the launch of Uber in 2009. The great mind behind the launch of uber was of Garett Camp. The idea of developing this app was prompted after he had to spend $800 to hire a private cab on New Year evening.

Today whenever you want to go out through a cab, the first thing that comes to mind is uber. It was able to shape a spot rather than competing in the market. By launching this app, it has become the solution to all the regular passengers who have transportation worries.

The world has gone gaga over the simplicity of the app, which provides multiple facilities to the user and with its various choices of cars and its rates. After launching the Uber app, the impact is so strong that many entrepreneurs are planning to make a similar app like uber.

At Nevina Infotech we have made the same app as uber known as “CABme”, which has updated and more features then Uber. The features used in CABme app are more updated according to today's fast life.

For further information on how to find an uber like app development cost? Like cost, features, working and maintenance, funding, how it works, about us, its statistics analysis, its template, how to make an app like uber, etc.

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