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Top 12 Angular Component Libraries

Just like other Top JavaScript Frameworks like Vue and React, Angular encourages the developers to make use of components in a way that the UI remains separated as a standalone entity and reusable parts.

If you want to use those Angular components,you need to have a clear idea about what is good in the market. For the same majorly used component libraries are mentioned below:

1 - Angular Component Libraries: ag-Grid

ag-Grid is a feature-laden data grid which has been developed for Angular. It can be integrated with different Angular versions like 2,4,5,6,7 so as to deliver enterprise features to the application with the kind of performance you expect. It comes with more than 63 Core and Enterprise features which make it possible to have ready implementations. Some of the common features of this modern day grid are Filtering, Sorting and Pagination.

Some of the reasons to choose ag-Grid for your project are:

  • Data grid which is fully featured
  • Well maintained
  • Deep documentation
  • Deep and intuitive API
  • Capable to work with large data sets
  • Ease of customization/integration

2 - Angular Component Libraries: Angular Material

Angular Material components, which was earlier known as Material2 is an official component library which implements the material design of Google. It is built using TypeScript and Angular. These UI components follow the best practices of the Angular Developer when writing the Angular code. In order to generate a number of templates from the command line, you can quickly add a new feature. A number of compomers are also added like Badge for element status, Tree for data rendering and Bottom-Sheet service for interaction with panel display.

Some of the Angular components which you can use for your Angular project are:

  • ToolBar menu, Side Navigation and the navigation bar
  • Create popups like Tooltip, Snackbar, Dialog
  • Data table format
  • Control forms like Checkbox, AutoComplete, Form field, Datepicker, Radio button, Input, Slider, Select and Slide Toggle.
  • Progress Spinner, Buttons, Progress Bar, Icon, Chips
  • Layout Components like Grid List, Cars, Tabs, Stepper, List, Expansion Panel

3 - Angular Component Libraries: Clarity design systems

Clarity is a design system which comes from VMware and is open source in nature. It brings together an HTML/CSS framework, UX guidelines and Angular components. On top of Angular, it offers a set of performant components that are data-bound. As Clarity is designed on the basis of continuous research and exploration, it can be equally good to be used by designers and developers.

Some of the Clarity components to be used are:
Login PageAlertsGridProgress BarsSignpostsWizardsTree ViewPasswordsRadio ButtonsToggle Switches

4 - Angular Component Libraries: NG Bootstrap

NG BootStrap offers Bootstrap 4 components for *Angular *and this way it has replaced Angular-UI bootstrap. It does not have any third party JS dependencies while it offers high testing coverage. By making use of right HTML elements along with aria attributes, here all its widgets will become accessible.

Some of such Bootstrap components that can be used are:

  • Typehead
  • Datepicker
  • Tooltip
  • Popover
  • Modal
  • Carousel

5 - Angular Component Libraries: NGX-Bootstrap

NGX-Bootstrap library comes with all core **Bootstrap components **which are under Angular. This library is designed with adaptivity and extensibility in mind and performs well for Desktop and Mobile. The Bootstrap framework is quite popular among the frontend developers as it offers a number of *Bootstrap *capabilities which can be used when handling Angular applications. For all screen sizes available across different devices, this library offers app scalability and high performance. For beginners, it offers multiple examples and detailed documentation for a better understanding.

Some of the NGX Bootstrap components are:

  • Alerts
  • Accordion
  • Pagination
  • Carousel
  • Collapse
  • Datepicker
  • Typehead

6 - Angular Component Libraries: Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a popular library for mobile web apps and hybrid app for iOS and Android by using JavaScript. This component library offers components with Flat and Material designs and comes with binding for Angular. It offers automatic styling based on the kind of platform you want for your project.

Some of the Onsen UI components are:
Side MenuTabsLists and formsStack NavigationAutomatic Styling

7 - Angular Component Libraries: NG-Lightning

NG-Lightning is an Angular components which were developed for the Lightning Design System of Salesforce. Its main objective is to offer native *Angular *directives and components to the Lightning Design System. In order to provide enhanced flexibility and improved performance, these stateless functional components only depend on the input properties.

Some of the components included in NG-Lightning are as mentioned below:

8 - Angular Component Libraries: PrimeNG

This component suit is a comprehensive set of more than 80 UI components which comes along with different themes that are from flat to material design. It is quite easy to use and customize the components of PrimeNG as they are designed professionally. The mobile **UX **comes with layouts that are responsive and touch optimized. It is possible to make use of simple to complex form elements like graphs, tables, sliders, and pop-ups. This library is used by big brands like Fox, eBay, and others and is one of the popular libraries for Angular in the market.

Some of the library components that it supports are:
File Upload ComponentMessages and Growl for message alertOverlay components like Dialog, Lightbox, Overlay Panel.SplitButton and Buttons component.Charts which come with the optimized option of Radar, Bar, Line, Doughnut, Pie.Toolbar, Accordion, ScrollPanel, Card, TabView panel componentsData Components in DataList, DataTable, DataGrid, Tree Table format.

9 - Angular Component Libraries: Vaadin Components

Vaadin provides Material inspired UI components for web and mobile applications, which helps to bridge the gap between Polymer elements and Angular components. Here the elements are kept in different repos even when they are grouped as a single one as you can find individually on Bit. In order to get a better experience for sharing the codes between the developers and apps, the library integrates Git, package managers, and other tools. It helps you take all the pressure outside your codes as it will let you with codeshare by reusing or sharing components without configurations or refactoring.

Some of the free and premium version components you can have for it are as:
CRUDContext MenuSpreadsheetCombo BoxPassword FieldCustom FieldProgress BarRich text EditorNotificationCharts

10 - Angular Component Libraries: Ignite UI

This library offers you more than 30 Material based Angular UI components which are easy to use. This library is specially designed for high volume and high performance data scenarios.

Some of the components of Ignite UI are as mentioned below:
TabsData GridCarouselDialog WindowDatepickerListViewSnackbarScrollbar, SliderNavbarRippleAvatarBasic Input ComponentsCalendarCard

11 - Angular Component Libraries: NG-ZORRO

NG-ZORRO component library works on to offer a complete enterprise-class UI which is based on Ant Design. It is written in *TypeScript *and comes with define types. This library comes from the Chinese and the best solution for web applications. A set of Angular components which gives added capability to ng-Zorro while the design and development resources and tools make it a complete package for Angular.

Here are few companies using ng-zorro-antd
AlibabaAliyunApache FlinkThoughtWorks

12 - Angular Component Libraries: ngSemantic

When we talk about JavaScript frameworks, Semantic UI is one of the popular UI components you can find in the market. ngSemnatic is built on the top of Semantic UI and Angular 2.

Some of the ngSemantic UI components mentioned here are


The Angular component libraries mentioned here are the most relevant ones available in the market keeping the current scenario in mind. You can start using them in your project to get the best of user experience.

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Top 12 Angular Component Libraries
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Install Angular - Angular Environment Setup Process

Angular is a TypeScript based framework that works in synchronization with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To work with angular, domain knowledge of these 3 is required.

  1. Installing Node.js and npm
  2. Installing Angular CLI
  3. Creating workspace
  4. Deploying your First App

In this article, you will get to know about the Angular Environment setup process. After reading this article, you will be able to install, setup, create, and launch your own application in Angular. So let’s start!!!

Angular environment setup

Install Angular in Easy Steps

For Installing Angular on your Machine, there are 2 prerequisites:

  • Node.js
  • npm Package Manager

First you need to have Node.js installed as Angular require current, active LTS or maintenance LTS version of Node.js

Download and Install Node.js version suitable for your machine’s operating system.

Npm Package Manager

Angular, Angular CLI and Angular applications are dependent on npm packages. By installing Node.js, you have automatically installed the npm Package manager which will be the base for installing angular in your system. To check the presence of npm client and Angular version check of npm client, run this command:

  1. npm -v

Installing Angular CLI

  • Open Terminal/Command Prompt
  • To install Angular CLI, run the below command:
  1. npm install -g @angular/cli

installing angular CLI

· After executing the command, Angular CLI will get installed within some time. You can check it using the following command

  1. ng --version

Workspace Creation

Now as your Angular CLI is installed, you need to create a workspace to work upon your application. Methods for it are:

  • Using CLI
  • Using Visual Studio Code
1. Using CLI

To create a workspace:

  • Navigate to the desired directory where you want to create your workspace using cd command in the Terminal/Command prompt
  • Then in the directory write this command on your terminal and provide the name of the app which you want to create. In my case I have mentioned DataFlair:
  1. Ng new YourAppName

create angular workspace

  • After running this command, it will prompt you to select from various options about the CSS and other functionalities.

angular CSS options

  • To leave everything to default, simply press the Enter or the Return key.

angular setup

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Angular Material 12 File Upload Example with Progress Bar

In this tutorial, I will show you way to build an Angular Material 12 File upload to Rest API example using HttpClient, FormData and Progress Bar.

More Practice:

–  Angular Material 12 Image upload with Preview example

–  Angular 12 + Spring Boot: File upload example

–  Angular 12 + Node.js: File Upload example

–  Angular 12 Login and Registration example with JWT & Web Api

–  Angular 12 CRUD Application example with Web API

–  Angular 12 Form Validation example (Reactive Forms)

– Bootstrap instead:  Angular 12 File upload example with progress bar & Bootstrap

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Top 15 Angular Component Libraries In 2020 - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Angular is considered as one of the most simple and popular front end framework around the globe. Created by Google and initially released 5 years ago, this open-source programming tool has won the hearts of developers from all over the world. With strong community support and rich functionality, Angular allows developers to provide the seamless user experience and consistency over all devices and platforms from tablet to more. Moreover, either beginners or experienced- can access various Angular advantages. It allows developers to use components in a manner that the UI remains separated as a standalone entity and reusable parts. Here you’ll see the top 15 Angular components to produce a great software solution easily and rapidly.

Top 15 Angular Component Libraries In 2020

  1. Angular Material-
    Angular Material components was earlier known as Material2 and is a component library that implements the material design of Google. It was built using TypeScript and Angular. These UI components follow the best practices of the Angular Developer when composing the Angular code. So as to generate various templates from the command line, you can rapidly add a new feature. Various components are added like Badge for element status, Tree for data rendering and Bottom-Sheet service for interaction with panel display.

Some of the popular angular components that you can use for angular project are-

Progress Spinner, Icon, Chips, Buttons, Progress Bar
Create popups like Dialog, Tooltip, Snackbar,
Control forms like Datepicker, Checkbox, AutoComplete, Form field, Radio button, Input, Slider, Select and Slide Toggle.
Layout Components like Grid List, Cars, Tabs, Stepper, List, Expansion Panel
ToolBar menu, Side Navigation and the navigation bar
Data table format
2. NG Bootstrap-
Know more at- https://solaceinfotech.com/blog/top-15-angular-component-libraries-in-2020/

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Top Enterprise Angular Web Apps Development Company in USA

AppClues Infotech is one of the leading Enterprise Angular Web Apps Development Company in USA. Our dedicated & highly experienced Angular app developers build top-grade Angular apps for your business with immersive technology & superior functionalities.

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Angular 12 JassaRich Beautiful Ecommerce Template Free

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#codesnippet https://therichpost.com/angular-12-jassarich-ecommerce-template-free-download/
Angular 12 JassaRich Beautiful Ecommerce Template Free
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