The Reality of Testing in DevOps: Your Top Questions Answered

The Reality of Testing in DevOps: Your Top Questions Answered

In this tutorial, we will learn the reality of testing in DevOps and your top questions answered. Development, QA, DevOps and SDET leaders to hear a variety of perspectives on the DevOps testing challenges they're facing in the field today and how we can solve them.

DevOps Unbound is a new video/podcast series, hosted by and sponsored by Tricentis, that has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch this summer. As of Dec. 1, we’ve had 38 guests (not including our two illustrious hosts) over the course of seven episodes and four roundtables.

The series kicked off talking about testing with the dynamic duo of Dr. Grigori Melnik and James Bach. Then we dove into AppSec, SAP, open-source, application modernization, mainframes, outsourcing, leading transformations, and usability/accessibility at speed—all in the context of DevOps, of course. You can catch any episode, podcast, or roundtable you missed at the DevOps Unbound portal.

For the latest roundtable, we returned to where we started: testing. This time, the focus was on the reality of testing in DevOps. Testing is routinely cited as the top source of DevOps delays and defects are still a major issue for 48% of DevOps teams. Are we approaching testing the wrong way? Have we failed to scale and/or accelerate it properly for enterprise DevOps? Do we need to rethink our overall testing objectives, or do we just need to find better ways of achieving them?


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