The 10 Most Frequently Asked Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

What companies are asking candidates in 2020

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions Both small and large businesses are on the lookout to hire a skilled AI engineer to transform their dream into reality. However, finding one is still challenging. If you’re looking to sit for your first interview, you need to make sure you impress your recruiters.

  1. How Are True Positive Rate and Recall Related?
  2. How Would You Define the “Curse of Dimensionality”?
  3. Is There a Difference Between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?
  4. What Is Bayes’ Theorem and What Are Its Uses?
  5. Explain the Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Errors
  6. Is There a Difference Between Bias and Variance? If so, please explain
  7. What Is the Bias-Variance Trade-Off?
  8. Can You Explain the Significance of Box-Cox Transformation and Why It Is Used?
  9. How Do You Define a Probabilistic Graphical Model?
  10. How Do You Explain Overfitting?

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