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5 Advantages of Choosing PHP for Web development


In the quickly evolving technology sector and its advancement, the Internet is one of the critical tools to uncover any demanded details in the blink of an eye. The references that provide information on the Internet are nothing but websites. Additionally, multiple programming languages are used for web development, so it becomes hard to choose the best one for development. But as we know, one must have come across PHP as it has been one of the most versatile and extremely popular web development languages across the world for more than 25 years.

You must be wondering “Why is PHP so popular and why do developers prefer using PHP for web development?” Well, there are numerous strong reasons to choose PHP such as its range of functionalities, tremendous online community support, and open-source nature has made PHP an excellent choice for newbies and established development companies worldwide.

Today, we have numerous advanced programming languages that offer unique features and functionalities but still PHP is considered one of the most widely used and programming-friendly languages. Its open-source nature and wide range of functionalities make it stand out from the crowd and help renowned development agencies achieve success quickly.

In this post, we’re going to list out the top advantages of choosing PHP programming language in 2022 for web development. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top 5 advantages of Choosing PHP for Web development

1. Open-source

One of the best features of PHP is its open-source nature. It is a free server-side scripting language that helps developers to install it quickly and get started with it. As a general-purpose programming platform, many developers prefer using PHP for web development in 2022 and the future. Also, you’ll find numerous PHP frameworks available for free that you can choose to work with. It activates the system in no time and fastens the development process making all the features available.

2. Extremely flexible

PHP is one of the most flexible programming languages which is an important feature because functionality can change anytime during the process of software development. Apart from this, it has the ability to modify anything even after starting the project which saves a significant amount of time and effort. A developer is not required to write new code and commands because they can modify anything in the existing codes and functions that can be used.

You can make necessary changes in your existing projects if you choose to work with PHP because it is highly flexible and allows you to make modifications even if the project is started.

3. Easy and simple

PHP is one of the simplest and easiest scripting languages as compared to other similar platforms and we can say that it is the main reason why developers prefer using PHP to start their development career. PHP doesn’t require intensive studying because it has a gentle learning curve so beginners can also choose it as their prime language for application development. Its syntax is logical and well-managed so developers can easily understand all the commands that are executed and they find it easy to optimize and build an application.

4. High performance

In today’s quickly evolving digitalized era, the loading speed of the application/website plays an important role. In fact, the user waits to load the website for at least 6-8 seconds and if it fails to load within this time, the user might switch to another website and never come back to your site. But PHP has quicker data processing functionality that allows a faster turnaround time for every user.

PHP web development came into reality for active web pages that run for a long time and for this reason PHP helps developers to overcome complex web development issues more quickly than any other language. PHP code can be easily embedded in HTML so that developers can change current static website code into dynamic hassle-free. They just need to incorporate PHP code into HTML and get started. This is such an outstanding feature of PHP that makes it one of the best and most highly admired platforms for building feature-rich and elegant websites that load quickly, provide excellent performance, and are compatible with HTML coding.

5. Support and maintenance

Lastly, we can say that PHP has great online support and a large community which helps developers to write code easily and develop feature-rich web applications. You can also use the documentation that is available on the official site which helps you to use various PHP features and its framework. The latest updates and versions are timely released by PHP to make it better for programmers who are using PHP for web development and building web-based applications.

Apart from this, PHP is a great choice for developers as it makes the web development process easier and quicker and helps to maintain the code automatically. The MVC architecture in the PHP framework keeps the code managed and easily maintainable.

Top 5 Websites Developed using PHP

1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the best site developed in PHP which is an open-source online encyclopedia site where everyone can contribute to the content of Wikipedia. It allows you to access unlimited information and topics being a smart knowledge warehouse. Some features of Wikipedia are user space, viewport meta tag, visual editor, and much more.

2. Facebook

You must be surprised, am I right? Well, Facebook still uses PHP. Facebook allows users to create profiles and get connected to each other to build an online community. Also, businesses highly choose Facebook for advertising. The PHP developers who are working at Facebook came up with their own PHP version known as HHVM which was entirely written in PHP.

3. WordPress

If you are a reader who loves to read blogs, then you must be familiar with WordPress. And you’ll be surprised to know that it is written using PHP programming language and MySQL-based open-source CMS associated with blogging. In fact, it gets more than 2,700,000 searches per day. Some technical features of WordPress are theme customization, auto upgrade, multiple page styles, SEO empowerment, social sharing features, and much more.

4. Canva

You’ll find millions of businesses using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for advertising. Many businesses don’t have graphic designers in place and that’s where Canva came into the picture to help non-graphic designers with designs-ready templates. Canva is a great platform for online graphic designing which was invented in 2012 with a simple drag and drop feature that empowers users to create high-end designs according to their requirements. There are 10 million plus active users of Canva across the world and it is still expected to increase in the coming years.

5. Flickr

Are you a photographer who wants to get paid for popular images? Then Flickr is the right platform for you that will pay for your hard work. Nginx is a popular web server used by Flickr where PHP developers rely upon advancing its capabilities and managing high-traffic websites.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we can conclude that PHP is still a great choice for web development because it has active, helpful, and strong community support. Apart from this, it offers numerous features, functionalities, resources, functions, and code that can be easily rewritten and used without spending any extra cost. The gentle learning curve, easy access, flexibility, user-friendly, robustness, and open-source nature makes PHP one of the most popular server-side programming languages.

The advantages of using PHP that we mentioned here are more than enough to gain your attention. So if you are planning to develop an app or website by using PHP, then get in touch with the top-notch PHP development company and leverage the best development services at the most affordable rates. Make sure to choose the right service provider having a team of experienced developers that can help you to gain success and provide scalable solutions for your business requirements.

We hope now you have multiple reasons to choose PHP for web development. So if you find this post helpful, do share it on Facebook or Twitter to reach more audiences. If you still have queries stuck in your mind, then feel free to approach us in the comment section given below and we will get back to you soon.


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