AI, Kubernetes, Muti-Cloud: Free training to take advantage of before 2021

AI, Kubernetes, Muti-Cloud: Free training to take advantage of before 2021

AI, Kubernetes, multi-cloud, and more: Free training to take advantage of before 2021. Further your knowledge of AI, machine learning, data analytics, Kubernetes, and more to help you build in-demand cloud skills with no-cost learning opportunities available until the end of this year.

2021 Update: Sign up here for 30 days free access to Google Cloud labs where you can build your cloud competencies and start earning skill badges to showcase your growing skillset in 2021.

Google Cloud is continuing to offer no-cost learning opportunities until the end of this year to help you build in-demand cloud skills. Read on to find out how you can further your knowledge of AI, Kubernetes, multi-cloud, and more. 

AI and machine learning 

Join Lak Lakshmanan, Google Cloud’s Director of Data Analytics and AI Solutions, on December 15 to find out how to use Google Cloud’s new Document AI. Lak will walk you through how to extract structured data from scanned PDF documents so you can increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and make faster, smarter decisions. You’ll also have an opportunity to get your questions answered live. Reserve your seat here to learn about Document AI.

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