How Analytics is Changing the World of Sports

How Analytics is Changing the World of Sports

We are witnessing the world of sports change right in front of our eyes. One of the great changes we have seen in sports thanks to analytics has been the availability of data, both general stats and really in-depth analytical lines for fans of the sport to evaluate themselves.

We are witnessing the world of sports change right in front of our eyes. Teams around the world, across a number of different sports, are changing how they do things.

American sports have taken the lead somewhat in this, with the National Hockey League in the USA and Canada for example, being a hotbed for budding analytics experts to get places alongside scouts and coaching staff on the office teams.

This is spreading around the globe, and with teams paying so much for players in certain sports such as football, it makes sense that the teams would want people in place to judge and offer an opinion in every possible way.

The move looks strong and using analytics to judge players, potentially to be the deciding factor in bringing them onto a team, looks set to stay. Not only that, but it looks set to grow.

The Decisions Being Made by Analytics

Not too many, but some teams around the globe in different sports are using varieties of people analytics to determine which their best players are, and which players they want to bring in and play.

Just as there are a small number of clubs out there solely using this, there are a number of teams who don’t yet use analytics at all. The majority of teams though, regardless of the sport and quality of league involved, are using analytics in some way as part of their decision-making process.

In boardrooms around the globe, it could be that analytics is what pushes a deal forward and is the final seal of approval for a team before they potentially spend millions of pounds on someone to join them.

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