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How Analytics is Changing the World of Sports

We are witnessing the world of sports change right in front of our eyes. Teams around the world, across a number of different sports, are changing how they do things.

American sports have taken the lead somewhat in this, with the National Hockey League in the USA and Canada for example, being a hotbed for budding analytics experts to get places alongside scouts and coaching staff on the office teams.

This is spreading around the globe, and with teams paying so much for players in certain sports such as football, it makes sense that the teams would want people in place to judge and offer an opinion in every possible way.

The move looks strong and using analytics to judge players, potentially to be the deciding factor in bringing them onto a team, looks set to stay. Not only that, but it looks set to grow.

The Decisions Being Made by Analytics

Not too many, but some teams around the globe in different sports are using varieties of people analytics to determine which their best players are, and which players they want to bring in and play.

Just as there are a small number of clubs out there solely using this, there are a number of teams who don’t yet use analytics at all. The majority of teams though, regardless of the sport and quality of league involved, are using analytics in some way as part of their decision-making process.

In boardrooms around the globe, it could be that analytics is what pushes a deal forward and is the final seal of approval for a team before they potentially spend millions of pounds on someone to join them.

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How Analytics is Changing the World of Sports

How YOU Can Land a Sports Analytics Job

Sports analytics is a fascinating but enigmatic field. There are tremendous opportunities for analytics on the fan facing side (daily fantasy & sports gambling), but what goes on behind the doors of NBA, NFL, and MLB franchises can be a complete mystery. For someone looking to get into the field, it can be an extremely confusing place to start.

I have been working in sports analytics (Golf & Basketball) for the last 4 years, these are my recommendations on how to get into the field:

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**Read profusely **— There is an absurd amount of sports analytics content on the internet. I recommend getting familiar with as much of it as you can. I also recommend exploring the following book: Mathletics by Wayne Winston. It is a great point of departure for understanding analytics in the three major sports. It may be a little dated, but you should be able to self study and expand on the analysis after finishing the book. Here are a few of my favorite places for learning about sports analytics online:

Learn the necessary skills and tools — Coding languages and visualization tools are becoming increasingly important in analytics. Excel models will soon be a remnant of the past. If you are looking to get into this field, you will need to learn to use Python or R. With these tools, you are able to process significantly more information than you would be able to with a traditional spreadsheet. You should also explore visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau. Insight is meaningless if you cannot explain it. People understand graphs and pictures better than words, so do your best to explain your findings through visuals.

Engage with Professional Sports Teams — Sports teams are always looking for new ways to find quality candidates. There are many opportunities to meet the right people and showcase your stuff at conferences (MIT SloanSABR). These shows also usually offer free or discounted rates to students. Hackathons are also becoming increasingly popular in the sports community. The NBA hosts one every year and the NFL has started hosting them on kaggle.com. These are great ways to get access to unique sports data and to get recognition for your work. Many teams that I have worked with hire directly from these contests. If you actually manage to win one of these, you are all but guaranteed a job.

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Fantasy Sports App Development | Fantasy Sports Software Development

Mobiweb Technologies has expertise in fantasy sports software development services. We have expertise in fantasy sports software, fantasy sports website and fantasy sports app development services.

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Fantasy Sport App Development | Fantasy Sports Software Development Company

Captivate the sports enthusiasts to play your platform with virtual gaming apps like fantasy sports apps. This blog covers the in and out of fantasy sports software development. Let us drill down to know more.

The basic functioning of the app is below.
The user will log into the app, by completing the registration.
Now, the user can select any match of his/her choice, and create a team.
Then the user will select players, captain, and vice-captain for the team.
The user can join a contest, and based on the result of the match, the winning amount will be rewarded.

Here is the list of chief features of the app:
Live match scores- This feature will allow users to know the scores of live matches directly from your platform.
Leaderboards- Based on the number of matches won, the leading players will be updated in the leaderboard.
Multiple sports- The app supports multiple sports like cricket, hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and even horse racing.
Also the app supports multiple payment options like debit/credit cards, COD etc.,
The admin can gain revenue by posting ads for third parties. Google Ads, FlashMob can be integrated into the app to post advertisements.
To provide constant support to users, the app has an inbuilt support system that operates on a 24/7 basis.

Our team of** Fantasy app developers** at Appdupe will carefully curate all your requirements, and devise a solution. Since we offer white label, you can rebrand the application with your company’s name, and logo.

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Sports App Development


Mobiweb Technologies is a trusted sports app development company that is known for offering exclusive and trending sports software solutions. Our sports software and apps cover all the essential features that enable users to play the game without any hassle. Our passionate team of developers is aware of developing sports software and applications and they are having good knowledge about legal compliances.

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Measuring Crop Health Using Deep Learning – Notes From Tiger Analytics

Agrochemical companies manufacture a range of offerings for yield maximisation, pest resistance, hardiness, water quality and availability and other challenges facing farmers. These companies need to measure the efficacy of their products in real-world conditions, not just controlled experimental environments. Single-crop farms are divided into plots and a specific intervention performed in each. For example, hybrid seeds are sown in one plot while another is treated with fertilisers, and so on. The relative performance of each treatment is assessed by tracking the plants’ health in the plot where that treatment was administered.

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