Mental Health App Development [Guide for Founders] | SpdLoad

Mental Health App Development [Guide for Founders] | SpdLoad

In this guide, startup founders will find out how to create mental health app: how to validate idea, what are core features for an MVP, and the development cost

People are looking to relieve mental stress now more than ever.

A huge influx of issues and problems pushes the mental state of a normal and healthy human being to the edge.

That is why you need to approach mental health app development with extreme caution and precision.

In this guide, we will discuss the market positioning of mental health apps and their development aspects.

We will cover choosing the team of mental health app developers to list the tech stack and work process.

Lastly, you will also learn about the features and functions.

All in all, we will help you understand how to create a mental health app from scratch.

Let’s begin!

Market Overview The 2020 Mental Health in America is quite alarming. It says:

More than 10 million adults in the US have an unmet need to get treatment for mental health. 70% of the nation’s youth requires treatment for depression. There is an increase of 4.35% over the past six years in the intensity of major depression. The pandemic is further pushing the people towards a mental health crisis.

Everyone dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, or any other mental health issue requires attention and treatment.

If you are still skeptical about mental health app development, consider these figures.

The development of mental health apps revenue will grow by 23.7% between 2019 to 2027. In the past years, people have shown a high interest in the mental health app and its design.

Somewhere this increase in interest is because of a higher level of awareness towards mental health.

That is why we are now focussing on answering everything about how to develop a mental health app.

How to Create a Mental Health App? You need to create a mental health app, check, but how to do that needs discussion.

Let’s start by talking about the business aspect of product development.

Types of Mental Health Apps Mental Disorder The mental health app design of this application covers: Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, OCD. It can be a combination of these or an individual aspect.

These applications will monitor the mood, keep a journal, and also provide psychotherapy.

Examples are Talkspace, iMood Journal, UCSF Prime.

Read more on finding out mental health app developers.

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