What is Scams | Tips & Advice to Avoid Online Scams: - ww.avg.com/retail

What is Scams | Tips & Advice to Avoid Online Scams: - ww.avg.com/retail

Hello Everybody, &nbsp; Now These Days Few Group of Scammers Is Doing Fraud Using the Brand Name AVG. <a href="http://www.avg-com-retail.support/"><strong>www.avg.com/retail download the avg key code for free</strong></a> &nbsp; Let Us Clear...

Hello Everybody,


Now These Days Few Group of Scammers Is Doing Fraud Using the Brand Name AVG. www.avg.com/retail download the avg key code for free


Let Us Clear This the AVG is Legit in This Matter.


Exposing Antivirus Scam –

This Post Is All About Exposing Scammer Who Claim to Be From AVG And Trying To Spoil The Name Of Respected Brands.


Today We Are Going To Expose Self Claimed AVG Phone Scammers And There Installation Fraud.


A lot Of People Have Lost there Confidential Information, Activation Keys and Sometimes They Got There Computer Locked Up.


The Interesting Fact Is That Most Of The Time Those Who Got Scammed Never Realize That They Have Been Scammed.

Let Us Help You with This


Before we go on to allow us to Tell You 5 Key Points You must Read this blog and Follow This Guide till End –


Scam Alert for AVG Users

Before Installing AVG Antivirus Ask Yourself


  • Are You Going To Install And Setup AVG Antivirus
  • Your Retail Card Or Activation Code Is Not Working For avg.com/retail download the get avg key code for free?
  • You by now Got Scammed and Thinking What To Do Next?
  • Worried About Your PC Privacy And Security?
  • You Are Just An Internet Lover Who Likes To Share And Expose Scammers?
  • If Any Of This Question Have Answer With Yes Then This Post Is For You.

In Case you want to setup AVG Antivirus

How This Scam Works –


Dear Friends Those Who Buy AVG Setup And Activation Key From Retail Store They Get A Retail Card Instead Of C.D.


But This Never Goes Easy For A Normal PC User.


Understanding Antivirus Scam –

Given The Instruction on Retail Card or Activation Card, You Go on the Internet and You Type avg.com/retail


  • Instead Of typing avg.com/retail In URL You Have Typed It on Search Bar. This Was The First Mistake
  • Now, On Google And Bing You Do See Many Search Results Saying AVG Setup, AVG Guide Or AVG Activation.
  • For AVG Setup You May Use www avg com retail Or AVG Installation etc.
  • Most Of The Websites Which come At To The Search Results As Ads Are Fake If They Offer You Activation And Guide To Setup AVG Antivirus.
  • This Website Using clock or Redirect Tools to Fool Google and Bing Bots.
  • Now Once You Click Any Of Those Fake Websites You find A Page That might Offer You To Insert Your Activation Key Code. Like Given Image –
  • As Soon You Type Your Detail This Page Redirect You To A Dissimilar Webpage Where You See Fake Error Message And Contact Number SO Called Toll Free Number.
  • And When You Call Them They might Take Remote Control of Your System Using Any Remote Software Tools.
  • They Will Show You A Fake Warnings And Would Make You Worry About Your Computer With Fake Sales Pitch
  • At The End, They Offer You A 2, 3 Year Subscription Of these Services That May Cost You Around 200-500$ For Nothing.
  • Sometimes They Offer you existence Subscription Please Don’t Fall for That Fraud.
  • They May Install Some Malicious Software Or at times They May Lock Your PC If You Decline to Pay That Amount.
This Is How This Antivirus Scam Works –


How To Protect Yourself Against Antivirus scam –

Always Use AVG Official Websites To Activate Your Antivirus Product.


Verify the Website And Make Sure You Call Only AVG Support.

Clean Your Browser and Computer Once In While


Already Got Scammed?

If You Are Reading This Post and You think You Have be Cheated The Same Way Then You have to Contact Them And Ask For Refund.


They May Try To prove to You But Stay Firm On What You Know.


If They Decline Please Contact Your Bank And tell them, whole Story.


See If All This Helps You To Get Your Issue Fixed.


Please, You Must Share This Post To Spread The Word Around You. avg.com/registration


Use Social Bars below to Share This Post and create More People Aware of This Ongoing Antivirus Scam.


visit here this link: Tips To Secure Your Device From Malware Attacks 2021:


We Thank You for Reading at www.avg-com-retail.support


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