J. A. Cirez ♥ Flutter + Canonical

J. A. Cirez ♥ Flutter + Canonical

How Google positioned itself to play a central role in Mobile, Desktop, and Server App Development; as well Cloud Micro-services… Background: In 2019, just after Google announced desktop-class application support with Flutter, Canonical saw that announcement as an ...

Google for its part, as far Flutter is concerned, has had a stated goal to providing a portable framework for building beautiful UIs that ran at native speeds no matter what platform an engineer targeted. Viewing these intersecting goals as a software engineer, it is not difficult to envision these two companies coming together and collaborating.

The mobile landscape of 2020 has changed dramatically from its early years, the olden times, during the first decade of the 21st century. Far from being a novelty and used primarily for leisure, mobile devices today are productivity tools in their own right.

Consumers and enterprises have both integrated mobile into their ecosystems; with end-users, as opposed to App publishers and developers driving the pace and direction of that evolution (for end-users, interacting with a microservice is increasingly becoming platform, and device agnostic).

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