How To Tell a Compelling Story With Data

How To Tell a Compelling Story With Data

3 Steps To Turn Any Data Analysis Into a Memorable Story

There is a lot of hype about storytelling. Just like there is about data. To me storytelling is just another word for “structuring your ideas properly”. In the context of any data analysis, it seems more than reasonable to bring a proper structure to your ideas when it comes to** conveying a message through data**.

However it is not always self-evident how to best present the outputs of a data analysis you conducted. Especially when it comes to technical data manipulation, analyses can be conducted over several days, weeks, or even months.** How to ultimately bring all your outputs together to tell a compelling data story?**

Let’s set the scene

You found interesting data to handle. You conducted a great data analysis on your own or with fellows. Maybe you spent days and nights to “make the data speak” and find insightful results. But you did it: you finally found interesting results and hopefully you could find an answer to the question you started your analysis with. Wait, what was this analysis about again?

In this article I want to take you on the journey I recently made about a data analysis at my company. From the initial request made by my boss to the presentation of my outputs, I have been through several steps mixing data analysis and storytelling. This is why I want to share with you some** tips about how to tell a compelling data story from any data analysis**.

To briefly set the scene of our example here, my boss asked me to build homogeneous and same-sized groups of employees so that an Excel training could be planned in groups of individuals having a similar background. If you are more interested in the details of this analysis, you can have a look at it in this article. After having found a way to get the answer to his request based on available data (this would be the “data challenge”), I had to present him and other stakeholders the results of my methodology: this is what I would call the “storytelling challenge”.

  • Step 1: Gather your thoughts
  • Step 2: Identify your audience
  • Step 3: Build your narrative

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