Getting Started with TypeScript in React

Getting Started with TypeScript in React

Getting Started with TypeScript in React. As JavaScript takes over the world, TypeScript seems to be coming along for the ride. We will go through a few examples of how to use React & TypeScript. We look at props, interfaces, a few hooks, and form handling

As JavaScript takes over the world, TypeScript seems to be coming along for the ride. For at least half of the entry-level frontend jobs that I apply for, experience with TypeScript is listed as a requirement or “nice to have”. While no one is expecting you to be an expert in it, knowing the basics so that you can talk about it in an interview will get you ahead of most other candidates. So let’s learn just enough to fool everyone into thinking you know what you’re talking about!

TypeScript is a strongly-typed static superset of JavaScript. This means the types of variables are checked at compile-time rather than run-time. A type error will also be given if the variable’s type doesn’t match up as expected. JavaScript is the opposite of this. It’s a weakly-typed dynamic language. The variables’ type is checked during run-time and variables are not bound to a specific data type. The variables still have a data type, but the type-checking constraints are lower compared to strongly-typed languages. So TypeScipt gives us type-checking abilities at compile-time in JavaScript that are not available with vanilla JavaScript. It’s a superset of JavaScript in the sense that it is built around JavaScript and can enforce certain ways of development, but you can choose to uses as much or as little TypeScript as you want. Everything that you code in vanilla JavaScript will still work just like always but is also subjected to whatever development constraints you add in with TypeScript. The end result allows for errors to be caught earlier, easier navigation by other developers, and quicker execution of our code.

Let’s dive right in. To get started, make sure you have at least version 2.1 of create-react-app installed.

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