A Gentle introduction to WebAssembly

A Gentle introduction to WebAssembly

A Gentle Introduction to WebAssembly. Gentle Introduction To WebAssembly. Web assembly, a gentle introduction. I recently wrote a toy project in Rust and then compiled it to WebAssembly. This wonderful experience tempted me to learn more about WebAssembly.

Know its history and what lies ahead

I recently wrote a toy project in Rust and then compiled it to  WebAssembly. To my surprise, it wasn’t that complicated and everything worked perfectly.

My computationally intensive application is now running on a web client with the expected performance. This wonderful experience tempted me to learn more about WebAssembly. I will share my understanding of WebAssembly in this article.

Before WebAssembly

Every new technology is introduced to solve some existing problems. WebAssembly was invented to solve the issues of the web.

Nowadays, frontend applications have become more complicated. In addition to the complexity of logic and the large amount of code, there is another reason for the defects of the language itself.

Brendan Eich, author of the widely used interpreted programming language JavaScript, created it so that its development history turned into a history of filling holes in a certain level.

There are mainly two kinds of issues with JavaScript.


Similarly to other interpreted programming languages, JavaScript was slow. At least before 2008, it was very slow. With more and more web applications adopting JavaScript, a performance war began between web browsers. JIT (Just-In-Time compiler) was introduced to solve the performance issues of JavaScript. Google’s V8 and Microsoft’s ChakraCore both come with JIT(even multiple staged JITs).


Source:  https://twitter.com/linclark

Due to its design as a dynamic language, there are several classes of optimizations that are available to other programming languages but are — and will remain — unavailable to even the fastest and most modern JavaScript runtime. For instance, the ahead-of-time (AOT) optimizing compilation strategy.

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