How to Become a Good UI UX Designer [Complete Guide]

How to Become a Good UI UX Designer [Complete Guide]

Learn how to become a good UI UX designer. The ultimate guide discuss the steps, tips and tools that helps in the successful career in UI UX designing.

As technology advances, professionals who are skilled in various technologies are high in demand. The IT organizations have openings, but the professionals with the required skill set are not found. There is a gap between the number of openings and the kind of professionals the organizations are seeking. The latter being the lesser in number.

Highly-paid IT jobs indeed have a lot of competition. But it is still difficult for companies to find the right candidate. The reason is simple: they are not getting what they want. Professionals with good skill sets are still scarce. In the blog, we are looking into some of the tech skills highly sought after in 2021.

Top 6 Skills to Master in 2021

From artificial intelligence to UI UX design skills, there are many options for professionals looking to expand their skill set. Let us look into six of the most in-demand skills in 2021.

Data Science and Data Analytics

Data Science and Data Analytics is often referred to as the most attractive jobs of the time. It is also one of the fastest-growing jobs in the industry. Skilled professionals in the same field are still hard to find. Even in the pandemic, the job market for these skills has not gone down. It is still ruling the industry.

The professionals' skills include knowing the fundamentals of data analytics, the know-how on how the data is collected, stored, retrieved, and how it is analyzed. And also how this knowledge is applied in finance, marketing, human resource, and operational management.

A data scientist who is skilled in data visualization is also high in demand. The other required skills for data analysis is data intuition, data wrangling, software programming, etc. R, Julie, Python, Scala, etc., are the specific programming skills the data scientist has to know.

Artificial Intelligence

Everyone knows the term artificial intelligence and what it is. But the skilled professionals who have in-depth knowledge in the same is still not enough. The world economic forum predicts that by 2025 AI will create around 133 million job opportunities.

Artificial intelligence is capable of doing image and face recognition, also speech recognition. AI skills are still highly sought after by the IT industry as AI can do these skills better than humans.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can make a person the most desirable in the IT industry. You can get an elegant job in no time if you have these skill sets on your resume. Machine Learning is an application of AI as it will enable us to drive insight from the data available.

Robotics, deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks are the things for an ML specialist. Another important skill to know how to develop a bot. These skills can make you a precious one in the IT industry.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the one technique the organization has to learn during the pandemic. And now it is unlocked; it will get cherished in the coming years. CoronaVirus has led to the growth of cloud computing.

In the coming years, the technology will become even more prominent. So the job market will be flooded with opportunities for cloud computing. The in-demand skills for cloud computing include amazon web services, azure, DevOps, Docker, etc.

Cloud computing has a bright future in the coming years. More companies will adopt it. In that case, professionals with good skills in cloud computing will be highly in demand in the future years.


As the internet has become a basic necessity, accessibility to the internet is very easy now. With this advancement comes cybersecurity threats. Especially in the pandemic time, internet usage has risen tremendously.

Cybersecurity is one significant thing the organizations give a lot of importance to. They are ready to pay huge sums of money to keep the data protected. The jobs in cybersecurity range from the ethical hacker to chief security officer.

Cyber Security, Network Security, Vulnerability Assessment are the skills required to secure a join the cybersecurity world. Digital Forensics, risk mitigation skills are the other skills required in the field.

Software Development

Software Development is not a new skill. But the skill remains priceless even after all these years. A developer who can create flawless software is still a gem in the IT industry. The Software Developer role is said to increase furthermore in the coming years.

The skills include both Android and iOS development skills; also, web development is a desirable one. The digital marketing skills will help in marketing the software you developed. Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing are skills that will come in handy for a software developer.

UI UX Designing

Another highly sought after skill is UI UX designing. There are millions of websites available on the internet now. In addition to that, there are applications too. Both Play Store and AppStore are flooded with apps. It increases as the days pass by.

An efficient designer with good UI UX design skills is still in high demand. To become a UI UX designer, they have to be updated with the latest trends and designs. It will help them build beautiful websites or applications.

The Concluding Lines

The IT industry is filled with opportunities for those who are looking for it and willing to learn. For any job, it is necessary to be well versed with the recent trends and changes in the industry. Many other skill sets are highly sought after in the IT industry.

Internet of things, deep learning, edge computing, virtualization, etc., are some of them. The one thing the person has to make sure of is to have in-depth knowledge of the basics in the field.

A designer has to keep up with the web design trends; likewise, a software developer must know about the recents apps and softwares.

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