Cloud-First Strategy: What’s All The Fuss About?

Cloud-First Strategy: What’s All The Fuss About?

In 2013, the UK government announced a cloud-first policy for all its technology decisions. As per the policy, organisations are required to consider cloud solutions as a priority. Companies shall choose other options only if it is better than the cloud solution in terms of security, flexibility, and value for money.

Last September, Accenture committed $3billion over three years to help businesses build cloud-first infrastructure to accelerate their digital transformation. Further, the company has started a new multi-service division, Accenture Cloud First, to bring the ‘cloud power under one roof’.

Accenture is not the only company endorsing a cloud-first strategy. Though the concept of cloud-first has been doing rounds since 2010, it picked up momentum post-2019 and is now going full steam ahead in the post-pandemic world.

As the name suggests, cloud-first technology refers to the practice of prioritising cloud-based solutions over others.

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