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10 Best On Demand Service Marketplace Platforms (2021) For Any Business Use Case

Traditional businesses are being replaced with on-demand services. With the support of relevant on demand mobile apps instant provision of goods and services are possible. On demand services are gaining more attention and response in recent days.

Startups have started pouring investments in these platforms as there are many statistical proofs that clearly shows the growth of on demand services.

Interesting stats about on demand service marketplace

  • Around 45% of consumers who utilize on-demand marketplace platforms are millenials.
  • Video streaming apps have greater response in the US as 82% of Americans use Netflix.
  • Uber holds 69% of the share market in the US.
  • On-demand home service market is expected to grow $1500 billion during 2021 to 2025.
  • 44.1 million Smartphone app users are using at least one food delivery app on their phones.

Comparing the Top 10 On Demand Service Marketplace Platforms with the Features:

Let’s start out by looking at a couple of options for service marketplace platform.

1. Zielcommerce – The Most Reputed On demand Marketplace Platform

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Zielcommerce is a unique on demand service marketplace platform that provides a host of services under one roof. This on-demand platform uses mobile technology that enhances user engagement.

Platform Highlights

Users can experience transaction convenience with the help of fast and secured mobile payments. The elegant UI & UX can attract visitors to the on demand platform and can help you to increase your customer base. Booking and cancellation features are more user-friendly that will facilitate users to access the platform easily.

Salient Features of this on demand service platform

  • Reliable authentication and security features ensure users that their data is maintained with a high level of confidentiality.
  • Essential push notification feature of this on-demand service marketplace provides alerts to vendors and buyers on each service demand.
  • Multiple payment options give a high level of convenience to users as they can select their familiar payment gateways that are integrated with this on-demand platform.
  • The customer support team is easily reachable to clear any grievances raised by users.
  • Users can share their thoughts and feedback in this on demand service platform through review and rating system.
  • Allows users to add services to their wish-list that can be used in future .

Explore Zielcommerce

2. Codnostic – an impressive on demand service marketplace platform

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Codnostic comes with stunning features that makes this on demand service marketplace platform stand alone in the market.

Platform Highlights

The market research is done thoroughly and this on demand platform understands the user’s exact requirement and fulfills them through its distinctive features. Cosnostic is a SEO-friendly service marketplace platform that can be easily promoted online and can gain more organic traffic to the service marketplace platform.

Reliable features of this service marketplace platform

  • Supports multiple languages and multiple currencies and enables to get a global audience easily with less effort.
  • 100% customizable on demand marketplace supports users to carve the platform to suit their business.
  • Expand your business through this scalable service marketplace platform.
  • The user-friendly on demand platform helps user to navigate easily within the application.

Explore Codnostic

3. Archisys – the popular on demand service platform

Archisys supports service providers with enhanced features and functionalities that will empower their on demand service marketplace platform to users.

Platform Highlights

This on demand service marketplace platform provides an exclusive profile page for each service provider who joins the marketplace platform. The dedicated mobile application will attract the major mobile users towards this on demand platform and can expect greater conversion rate.

The renowned features of this service marketplace platform

  • Provides a simple registration process for service providers and consumers.
  • Better marketing tools are available with this on demand service marketplace platform that helps to gain better branding.
  • Can easily integrate with any third-party API and merge with the business operations easily.
  • Gain proper insights and analytics that will help you to enhance the performance of your on demand service marketplace platform.

4. yelo – an excellent on-demand service marketplace platform

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Yelo provides better user experience to its users through its extraordinary user interface. You can get easy search engine rankings as this on demand marketplace platform is completely search engine optimized. With effective hosting service you can attain maximum usage of this on demand platform.

Key features of this on demand service platform

  • A reliable mobile-friendly on demand service platform that is compatible with any smart device.
  • More than 50+ payment gateways are integrated for users’ convenience.
  • Social media login is available in this on-demand service marketplace platform that will facilitate users to use their social media credentials to login to the on demand marketplace platform.
  • Supports multiple revenue models and ensures increase in profit value by using this on-demand service marketplace platform.

5. appicial – an exceptional on-demand service application

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Appicial is a perfect on demand service marketplace for any startups and mid-sized companies. The must-have on demand platform features are available in this on demand marketplace platform and you can instantly launch this application and can start your on demand service with easy setup process.

Magnificent features of this on demand service marketplace platform

  • Possesses multiple communication channels that facilitate service providers and consumers to communicate with each other.
  • Perfect booking management system will support hassle-free booking and cancellation of services provided through this on demand service platform.
  • Easy checkout process will help consumers to pay for the service they require without much difficulty.
  • Appicial is a well-established on demand service marketplace platform

6. Roobykon - An Outstanding On-demand Marketplace

Roobykon enables service providers to easily get in touch with their target audience as this on-demand platform supports paid listing for providers and makes them easily visible. This on-demand service marketplace platform is built with numerous admin functions that will simplify the business operation and will maximize the ROI.

Significant features of the on-demand service platform

  • The on-demand service marketplace platform is perfectly customizable and can set themes that fit your business and its products.
  • Provides multiple delivery options that will make users feel more convenient in booking a product or service with this on-demand service platform.
  • Easy order management system will help on-demand marketplace service providers or sellers to manage their orders efficiently and ensure prompt delivery to their consumers.

7. retaxis – robust on-demand service marketplace platform

Retaxis supports admin, sellers and buyers with its unified features. It has a major user group as it provides all functionalities that are essential for any on-demand service marketplace platform. Retaxis has gained more positive reviews from its users that will gain more attention from the target audience. The on-demand service ecommerce platform is secured with proper SSL certification and holds https that secures user data.

Major features of this on-demand service marketplace platform

  • Easy order tracking facility that will allow consumers to track their orders in real time.
  • Reliable customer support that is available 24/7.
  • Attractive user-interface that will positively increase
  • Better loading speed that will reduce the bouncing rate of the platform.
  • Flexible commission fee setting is available in this on-demand service marketplace platform.

8. spsoftindia – top-notch on-demand service platform

SPSoftIndia is a versatile on-demand service marketplace platform that fulfills users’ demand and ensures customers get delighted when they access the platform and order any service or product through this on-demand service marketplace platform. You can provide a seamless shopping experience to your users as the service platform is mobile-friendly.

Remarkable features of this on-demand service marketplace platform

  • Attract global audience through multilingual and multiple currency support features.
  • The responsive design of this on-demand platform will get you more visitors to your service marketplace platform and increase conversion.
  • The service marketplace platform is scalable and you can store more data in future and use them for your analysis of customer behavior.
  • Users can share products or services of your on-demand service marketplace platform through their social media pages.

9. logicspice – best on-demand marketplace platform

Logicspice supports all your business needs with its outstanding functionalities. It has satisfying features for admin, sellers and buyers and currently holds thousands of users who uses this on-demand service marketplace platform and are being benefited. The secured payment system supports users to buy products or services without any hesitation.

Beneficial features of this on-demand service marketplace platform

  • Search engine optimized platform supports better search engine ranking
  • Push notification feature will alert service providers and consumers regarding their latest orders.
  • Supports multiple revenue streams and acts as a good source of income.
  • Can experience better technical assistance even after sales.

10. letsnurture – Dynamic on-demand service marketplace platform

Letsnurture is an aggressive on-demand service marketpalce platform that delivers on-time delivery of products and services. The built-in promotional tools will support you in gaining higher visibility when promoted online. Users can track their performance through reporting and analytics features and can make necessary changes to enhance the platform feasibility.

Trustworthy features of this on-demand service marketplace platform

  • Reliable content management system supports you to attract more audience to your platform.
  • Better Google map integration with live delivery tracking helps users to know current status regarding their orders.
  • Flexible shopping carts and simple order summaries will benefit users in analyzing their orders.
  • Advanced search and filtering options will let users easily find products or services they need and will direct them to the product page directly.

On demand service marketplace platforms have gained huge response especially in this pandemic period. This is a perfect timing to enter into this business and get greater returns in a very short time.

Hope you have analyzed all your competitors’ features and functionalities. Now you need to build your own on demand marketplace platform that will beat all your competitors’ strategies and attract a huge audience to your service marketplace platform.

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I'm glad to tell you that this one is a very useful article & I truly enjoyed it. I highly appreciate your work. It is the best list of On-Demand Service Marketplace Platforms. You can also Consider Yo!Gigs, a leading on-demand service marketplace Software in this list. It is a platform to build on-demand service marketplace websites like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, etc.

I’m confident your readers will find a tremendous amount of value from it

A very informative content, its very helpful to compare the key features of  every on demand service platforms at one place. All these platforms are providing very good features and customized benefits. know more about how multivendor marketplace platform works. 

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Carmen Grimes


Best Electric Bikes and Scooters for Rental Business or Campus Facility

The electric scooter revolution has caught on super-fast taking many cities across the globe by storm. eScooters, a renovated version of old-school scooters now turned into electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly solution to current on-demand commute problems. They work on engines, like cars, enabling short traveling distances without hassle. The result is that these groundbreaking electric machines can now provide faster transport for less — cheaper than Uber and faster than Metro.

Since they are durable, fast, easy to operate and maintain, and are more convenient to park compared to four-wheelers, the eScooters trend has and continues to spike interest as a promising growth area. Several companies and universities are increasingly setting up shop to provide eScooter services realizing a would-be profitable business model and a ready customer base that is university students or residents in need of faster and cheap travel going about their business in school, town, and other surrounding areas.

Electric Scooters Trends and Statistics

In many countries including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, France, China, Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico and more, a growing number of eScooter users both locals and tourists can now be seen effortlessly passing lines of drivers stuck in the endless and unmoving traffic.

A recent report by McKinsey revealed that the E-Scooter industry will be worth― $200 billion to $300 billion in the United States, $100 billion to $150 billion in Europe, and $30 billion to $50 billion in China in 2030. The e-Scooter revenue model will also spike and is projected to rise by more than 20% amounting to approximately $5 billion.

And, with a necessity to move people away from high carbon prints, traffic and congestion issues brought about by car-centric transport systems in cities, more and more city planners are developing more bike/scooter lanes and adopting zero-emission plans. This is the force behind the booming electric scooter market and the numbers will only go higher and higher.

Companies that have taken advantage of the growing eScooter trend develop an appthat allows them to provide efficient eScooter services. Such an app enables them to be able to locate bike pick-up and drop points through fully integrated google maps.

List of Best Electric Bikes for Rental Business or Campus Facility 2020:

It’s clear that e scooters will increasingly become more common and the e-scooter business model will continue to grab the attention of manufacturers, investors, entrepreneurs. All this should go ahead with a quest to know what are some of the best electric bikes in the market especially for anyone who would want to get started in the electric bikes/scooters rental business.

We have done a comprehensive list of the best electric bikes! Each bike has been reviewed in depth and includes a full list of specs and a photo.

Billy eBike

mobile-best-electric-bikes-scooters https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enkicycles/billy-were-redefining-joyrides

To start us off is the Billy eBike, a powerful go-anywhere urban electric bike that’s specially designed to offer an exciting ride like no other whether you want to ride to the grocery store, cafe, work or school. The Billy eBike comes in 4 color options – Billy Blue, Polished aluminium, Artic white, and Stealth black.

Price: $2490

Available countries

Available in the USA, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia.This item ships from the USA. Buyers are therefore responsible for any taxes and/or customs duties incurred once it arrives in your country.


  • Control – Ride with confidence with our ultra-wide BMX bars and a hyper-responsive twist throttle.
  • Stealth- Ride like a ninja with our Gates carbon drive that’s as smooth as butter and maintenance-free.
  • Drive – Ride further with our high torque fat bike motor, giving a better climbing performance.
  • Accelerate – Ride quicker with our 20-inch lightweight cutout rims for improved acceleration.
  • Customize – Ride your own way with 5 levels of power control. Each level determines power and speed.
  • Flickable – Ride harder with our BMX /MotoX inspired geometry and lightweight aluminum package


  • Maximum speed: 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Range per charge: 41 miles (66 km)
  • Maximum Power: 500W
  • Motor type: Fat Bike Motor: Bafang RM G060.500.DC
  • Load capacity: 300lbs (136kg)
  • Battery type: 13.6Ah Samsung lithium-ion,
  • Battery capacity: On/off-bike charging available
  • Weight: w/o batt. 48.5lbs (22kg), w/ batt. 54lbs (24.5kg)
  • Front Suspension: Fully adjustable air shock, preload/compression damping /lockout
  • Rear Suspension: spring, preload adjustment
  • Built-in GPS

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Riding fun and excitement
  • Better climbing ability and faster acceleration.
  • Ride with confidence
  • Billy folds for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Shorty levers connect to disc brakes ensuring you stop on a dime
  • belt drives are maintenance-free and clean (no oil or lubrication needed)

**Who Should Ride Billy? **

Both new and experienced riders

**Where to Buy? **Local distributors or ships from the USA.

Genze 200 series e-Bike

genze-best-electric-bikes-scooters https://www.genze.com/fleet/

Featuring a sleek and lightweight aluminum frame design, the 200-Series ebike takes your riding experience to greater heights. Available in both black and white this ebike comes with a connected app, which allows you to plan activities, map distances and routes while also allowing connections with fellow riders.

Price: $2099.00

Available countries

The Genze 200 series e-Bike is available at GenZe retail locations across the U.S or online via GenZe.com website. Customers from outside the US can ship the product while incurring the relevant charges.


  • 2 Frame Options
  • 2 Sizes
  • Integrated/Removable Battery
  • Throttle and Pedal Assist Ride Modes
  • Integrated LCD Display
  • Connected App
  • 24 month warranty
  • GPS navigation
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Maximum speed: 20 mph with throttle
  • Range per charge: 15-18 miles w/ throttle and 30-50 miles w/ pedal assist
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Motor type: Brushless Rear Hub Motor
  • Gears: Microshift Thumb Shifter
  • Battery type: Removable Samsung 36V, 9.6AH Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery capacity: 36V and 350 Wh
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Derailleur: 8-speed Shimano
  • Brakes: Dual classic
  • Wheels: 26 x 20 inches
  • Frame: 16, and 18 inches
  • Operating Mode: Analog mode 5 levels of Pedal Assist Thrott­le Mode

Norco from eBikestore

norco-best-electric-bikes-scooters https://ebikestore.com/shop/norco-vlt-s2/

The Norco VLT S2 is a front suspension e-Bike with solid components alongside the reliable Bosch Performance Line Power systems that offer precise pedal assistance during any riding situation.

Price: $2,699.00

Available countries

This item is available via the various Norco bikes international distributors.


  • VLT aluminum frame- for stiffness and wheel security.
  • Bosch e-bike system – for their reliability and performance.
  • E-bike components – for added durability.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – offer riders more stopping power for safety and control at higher speeds.
  • Practical design features – to add convenience and versatility.


  • Maximum speed: KMC X9 9spd
  • Motor type: Bosch Active Line
  • Gears: Shimano Altus RD-M2000, SGS, 9 Speed
  • Battery type: Power Pack 400
  • Battery capacity: 396Wh
  • Suspension: SR Suntour suspension fork
  • Frame: Norco VLT, Aluminum, 12x142mm TA Dropouts

Bodo EV


Manufactured by Bodo Vehicle Group Limited, the Bodo EV is specially designed for strong power and extraordinary long service to facilitate super amazing rides. The Bodo Vehicle Company is a striking top in electric vehicles brand field in China and across the globe. Their Bodo EV will no doubt provide your riders with high-level riding satisfaction owing to its high-quality design, strength, breaking stability and speed.

Price: $799

Available countries

This item ships from China with buyers bearing the shipping costs and other variables prior to delivery.


  • Reliable
  • Environment friendly
  • Comfortable riding
  • Fashionable
  • Economical
  • Durable – long service life
  • Braking stability
  • LED lighting technology


  • Maximum speed: 45km/h
  • Range per charge: 50km per person
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Maximum Power: 3000W
  • Motor type: Brushless DC Motor
  • Load capacity: 100kg
  • Battery type: Lead-acid battery
  • Battery capacity: 60V 20AH
  • Weight: w/o battery 47kg

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Best Cross-Platform App Development Services Company in USA

Are you finding the best Cross-Platform App Development Service providing company in USA? We at AppClues Infotech is one of the leading mobile app development company in USA that helps to make a creative & high-quality Cross-Platform mobile app with modern methodology & technology.

Hire our dedicated team of designers & programmers for your app development project.

Cross-Platform App Development Services
• Custom Cross-Platform App Development
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• Cross-Platform App Migration
• Cross-Platform UI/UX Designing

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Platform App Design | Cross-Platform Development Services

Cross-Platform Development Services

With the development in mobile app technology, a huge time saver as well as the quality maintainer technology is Cross-Platform App development. The development of an app that takes less time to develop as well as uses one technology to develop an app for both android and iOS is game-changing technology in mobile app development.

Want to develop or design a Cross-platform app?

With the successful delivery of more than 950 projects, WebClues Infotech has got the expertise as well as a huge experience of cross-platform app development and design. With global offices in 4 continents and a customer presence in most developed countries, WebClues Infotech has got a huge network around the world.

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On-Demand App Development Services Solution in USA

Looking for on-demand app development solutions for your business? At AppClues Infotech, we provide a wide range of on-demand services using the most advanced technology and proficiency of our team of expert on-demand app developers.

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Best On-Demand Mobile App Development Services

Are you planning to make an On-Demand Mobile App for your business? We at Appclues Infotech provide on-demand app development solutions for your holistic business growth.

Our team of On-Demand mobile app developers knows what it takes to make your app idea instantly accessible and incredibly useful for your customers. For the best service deliverables, each on-demand mobile app project at AppClues Infotech is built with a technical edge using all modern and prime tools and frameworks. Hire us for the best realistic solution of your on-demand mobile app development project at an affordable price.

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