How to Use Python Import, Understand It, and Which one To Use.

How to Use Python Import, Understand It, and Which one To Use.

Understand how to use Python imports, the difference between Absolute import and Relative. Learn once for all and improve your project. It's a pity if you miss it.

When you are working with any language it’s important to know the basics, and understanding how Python imports work will help you in the future.

One advantage to knowing this very well is that often you will be handling your project using either packages or modules, and perhaps even more if you want to your packages become installable. For this, the importing of data is crucial if you want to achieve what you want with no problems.

Where does Python search for files to import?

First, what you should know about is how Python looks for what you want to import.

This is the import order that Python will look at:

1 — sys.modules - It's the Python cache for everything that was already imported before.

2 — Python Standard Library — These are the modules that are pre-installed with Python.

3 — sys.path - It's a list of directories, this includes the current directory, that is searched first.

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