Serumswap Clone

What is Serumswap

Serumswap Clone is a Solana-based decentralised trading platform that enables traders can purchase and sell coins. If you're unfamiliar with Solana, it's a blockchain platform that aims to increase user scalability by shortening transaction settlement times. By being deployed on Solana's blockchain, Serumswap Clone may fully benefit from the speed and cost effectiveness of transactions. 

Serum's architecture is built around a decentralised orderbook powered by smart contracts, with the purpose of duplicating established exchanges by connecting buyers and sellers. This gives players complete control over their trading by allowing them to submit orders to Serum with a wide range of pricing and order sizes. 

Serumswap Clone Software intends to launch a new sort of decentralised exchange to compete with Uniswap, Sushi, and Bancor, all of which employ an automated market maker (AMM). 

Cross-chain trading is also supported by Serum, letting traders to trade tokens developed on other platforms such as Ethereum or Polkadot. Serum's functionality and liquidity may be used by existing decentralised finance (DeFi) initiatives, regardless of the blockchain on which they are created. Stakers can vote and earn a 50% discount on trade cost and stakers can vote and participate in the platforms governance system. 

Those interested in keeping up with Serums currency development should bookmark its blog for the most up-to-date information. 


How Does Serum Work?

Serums network and design are intended to make transactions feel like they would on a regular exchange. Serumswap Clone Software benefits from its integration with the Solana network's speed and cost-effectiveness of transactions, as well as the option to settle them on its blockchain. 

Order books

Place an order for books On traditional exchanges, order books are a collection of buy and sell orders organised by price levels and maintained by a central body. Serums decentralized exchange intends to automate this process by matching On the blockchain, merchants and purchasers place orders. 

Unlike automated market making, which allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, automated market making does not allow traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from liquidity pools, Serum allows users to control their own orders. Users can choose the price at which they want to buy and sell their assets, as well as the order size that they desire.

 Each trade has a fee, which is denominated in SRM, just like any other exchange. Serum wants to put all of its net fees into a buy-and-burn strategy. 

Cross Chain Swaps 

Serumswap Clone Development ability to add cross-chain swaps to its exchange is one of its most valuable features, allowing any participant can trade tokens that are already in circulation on other platforms. When both parties deposit ETH to a smart contract as collateral, the cross chain swaps mechanism is activated collateral, like in the case of cross chain exchange between Ethereum tokens (ERC-20). Both parties will receive their ETH collateral If the sender gives their token to the receiver in exchange for their token, they will receive their ETH collateral. 

The smart contract that holds the collateral checks the blockchain record in the event of a disagreement to establish who is correct. The assets are then returned to whomever the smart contract deems to be accurate, along with a percentage of the other persons collateral, with the goal of incentivizing good behavior.

 Advantages of Serumswap Clone 

Serum currently has various advantages over other DeFi-based exchanges. 

Speed and Cost 

DeFi popularity and usage may have exploded, but that does not mean it is without flaws. The Ethereum network has become slower and gas prices have increased as a result of its exponential development. This explains why, despite their custodial arrangement, centralized exchanges nevertheless outnumber DEXs by a large margin. 

The majority of individuals would like complete ownership over their assets. However, the majority of them are willing to give up everything in exchange for superior service. They desire the centralized exchanges quick, low-cost trading.

 Despite being a DEX, Serum possesses all of these qualities. 


 Chainlink is one of the most used DeFi protocols for a reason. Because practically every DEX relies on oracles to provide external pricing data to its blockchain in order to function, this is the case.

 Oracles have centralized characteristics in one way or another, which differ from protocol to protocol. It could be a liquidation price oracle linked to a centralized exchange API, or it could be something else entirely. 

Some organizations, such as the Ampleforth founders, still control the protocol, which is as centralized as it gets. Serum, on the other hand, lacks all of them.

 It aspires to be a pure DeFi protocol that adheres to its name. Serumswap Clone Script can run smoothly despite the fact that a fully decentralized protocol is computationally expensive, because to Solana scaling characteristics. 

Cross-chain Support 

A variety of cross-chain programs, such as atomic swap and Thorchain, are implemented in various protocols. One thing they all have in common, if not all, is a small amount of centralization. It works on the notion that individuals are honest, whether it is a council of token holders or an oracle.

 Even while there are certain safeguards in place to keep undesirable actors out, the system is not impenetrable. This is what Serumswap Clone Development Company is attempting to change. It provides a fast DEX that supports cross- chain transactions without the use of oracles or tribunals. 

You could trustlessly trade assets between different chains with Serum. BTC can be exchanged for ETH or any other ERC-20 token, and vice versa. 


SRM is Serumswap Clone Script native coin, which grants holders control over the network governance. According to the whitepaper, it will be used as a system governance token. While the majority of the Serum ecosystem is unchangeable, some non-essential parameters, such as future fees, can be altered through SRM governance elections. 

Furthermore, all of the exchange net fees will be utilized to purchase and burn SRM tokens. 

Here are some of Serumswap Clone Development features, in addition to governance: 

Why Having SRM allows customers to save up to 50% on all expenses 

• SRM may be used to pay fees

 • SRM can be staked



MSRM (MegaSerum) is essentially a stack of 1 million SRM tokens. It is "a limited item that provides additional utility to core believers in Serum," according to Serums website. 


To stake on a node, you can utilize SRN and MSRM. A node must have at least 10 million SRM and one MSRM to participate in the Serum staking mechanism. These nodes will get a cut of the fees from cross- chain transactions for which they provide insurance.


Wrapped tokens 

Serumswap Clone also features native token wrappers that can be used to make SerumBTC and SerumUSD wrapped tokens. Wrapped tokens are assets that are hosted on a different blockchain and have a price that is tied to the underlying asset.

 For example, WBTC is an ERC-20 token that uses BTC as its underlying value. Wrapped tokens are causing some people concern since they are based on a centralized approach that relies on a consortium of organizations that play various functions in the system. All of that changes with serum.

 SPL and ERC-20 tokenizations of USD and BTC, respectively, are SerumBTC and SerumUSD. SerumBTC is a BTC token that is completely trustless. In contrast, SerumUSD is a decentralized stablecoin with no single point of failure. 


Serumswap Clone Development Company appears to be pretty promising, all things considered. It is untrustworthy and non-custodial, but it is also quick, inexpensive, and provides the complete range of trading capabilities available on centralized exchanges. It also provides derivatives trading and leverage. 

It also scales better than virtually any other DeFi platform on the market. And the Solana blockchain is responsible for many of these fantastic features. Some may view this as a cause for concern, given that Solana is not Ethereum. Ethereum is also revered in DeFi. 

However, only time will tell whether Serum decentralized and scalable blockchain can deliver on its promises .

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Bigbasket Clone | BIgBasket Clone App | BigBasket App Clone Script

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, on-demand grocery delivery apps are a massive hit. The convenience of availing doorstep essentials, coupled with accessing a wide range of products, is propelling the need for grocery delivery apps more than ever. Even retail grocery outlets are eyeing to explore the online market space due to its massive popularity and revenue.

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to initiate your Bigbasket clone app development? If so, are you ready to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic situation? This blog discusses a few vital strategies that can make an app like Bigbasket combat the outbreak situation comprehensively.

Take care of your supply chain: Coping with the demands require an all-encompassing, ever-present supply chain. Your supply chain includes grocery suppliers and delivery chains. Hence, maintain adequate stock and build healthy relationships with suppliers to avoid the risk of running out of groceries.

Equip your delivery chain with safety gear: Your delivery chain comes in direct contact with your customers. Hence, provide safety gear like gloves, masks, sanitizers, etc., to your delivery drivers. Besides, automating the process of verifying your delivery drivers on their safety standards with a face mask recognition software can come in handy.

Encourage contactless delivery options: One of the significant reasons for virus transmission is through external physical contact. Eliminate any form of contact in your on-demand grocery delivery app ecosystem by encouraging your delivery workers to adapt to ‘zero-contact’ deliveries. This way, instead of handing over grocery orders directly, your delivery drivers will drop them at discrete spots suggested by customers.

Safety badges for grocery stores: Building the trust factor is crucial to sustain in the market. Hence, scrutinize grocery stores on their safety standards and provide safety badges to them. By displaying safety badges near their names, the customer trust-factor enhances substantially.

Summing up,
Surviving the outbreak situation will open the floodgates to unrestricted revenue for an entrepreneur. Implement these strategies in your Bigbasket clone script and scale your grocery delivery app among the masses.

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Letgo Clone | Letgo Clone App | Buy and Sell Classified Marketplace Script

The reseller e-commerce business has become the talk of the town. The reason for the huge eminence of reseller e-commerce in today’s world is due to the benefits it assures. With a robust and user-friendly app, your reseller e-commerce business is sure to take you places.

Before stepping out to invest in the reseller e-commerce business, consider launching an app like Letgo that is armed with several rich features. In this blog, you will get to know the list of features of the app that will make your reseller business a sure-shot success.

Inventory management- Sellers can restock and manage the inventory without any hassles.

Catalog management- Sellers can sort and group their products under categories. Also, sellers can add or remove products from the catalog in just a few taps.

Diverse payment options- The app offers users with multiple payment options with which they can make their payments by choosing the convenient payment option.

Push notifications- The push notifications are integral in keeping users up-to-date with your app. Alerts regarding new product arrival, offers, updates, etc. can be sent via push notifications.

These are the features that will give an extraordinary user experience. Let us next learn about the revenue model of the app.

Commission fees- Sellers who get orders via your app will pay commission fees. Associating with multiple sellers will amplify the revenue through commission fees.

Promotional content- You can promote sellers’ products on your app under the digital banner section.

Premium services- You can allow access to certain advanced features on a paid basis to users. Formulate monthly or yearly subscription plans so that users can choose their convenient plan.


The Letgo clone script is the best reseller e-commerce app to invest in. Head towards to find the app developer who has experience in building clone apps with robust functional models.

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Freecharge Clone, Freecharge Clone Script, Custom Recharge & Bill Payment App Solution

Give your users the ease of paying bills, recharging their mobile phones online and, transferring funds in just a few taps and swipes by developing an** app like Freecharge**. With the global payments market skyrocketing, the right time is here for developing an app such as this. So don’t wait anymore! Customize, incorporate and launch the app in a few days!

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Letgo Clone | Best Letgo Clone Script | Letgo Clone App

Are you looking to build a top-tier buy-sell marketplace that allows the users to connect with the local sellers directly? Then PassUp is for you - Trioangle’s letgo clone script. An online buy-sell marketplace is a bridge that fills the gap between the local buyers and sellers to buy or sell the desired products. Users can discover the best-priced nearby products with a few clicks and a couple of swipes.

Sellers list their products on the classified marketplaces and the interested buyer interacts with the respective seller for more information. If they are satisfied with the quality of the product and pricing then make the purchase. Our script is a white-label solution, you can quickly rebrand the app with the branding elements of your business and launch it instantly.


Trioangle is one of the best web and mobile app development companies in the market, which provides ready-made letgo clone scripts for entrepreneurs to start their own business instantly. Scripts like Airbnb clone, Uber clone, UberEats clone, Instacart clone, Gojek clone, Tinder clone, Fancy clone, Postmate clone, JustEat clone, Drizly clone, etc are available. Our online classified scripts support both desktop and mobile (android & iOS) available for you at an affordable price, designed using advanced technology, and all the essential features are integrated with the script.

Benefits Of Letgo Clone Script

  • Our letgo clone is a ready-made script available for entrepreneurs to start their business instantly when developing a script consumes the entrepreneur’s time & more cost.
  • The letgo clone app is free to use for users to buy or sell anything.
  • Buyers can interact with the seller easily using the chat option
  • Users can easily sign-up using their phone numbers, email, or social logins. Also, they can share offerings with their social friends easily.
  • Both the buyer and seller can check for the list of products available at the best prices.
  • Users can make online payments in secure mode - online transactions medium like PayPal & stripe available. With our script admin can integrate the crypto wallet payment method which is an additional feature available under customization.
  • Sellers can post advertisements free for their listing and can make multiple listings using their register account.

Revenue Model of Classified Business

Entrepreneurs can earn more revenue using the classified script in some ways,

  • Transaction fees: Though the app is free, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be profitable. For every successful purchase, users have to pay a certain amount to the admin. Admin can add a certain percentage for every product.
  • Promotional fees: Admin can charge sellers an amount for displaying their product listing to the top of the result page in such a way that many buyers can see it.
  • Service fee: Also, they can charge a service fee from the final product’s sold price.
  • Google Adsense: This is one of GOOGLE’s tools that helps to earn revenue for displaying the ads in the app’s empty space.

If you want to start your own online classified business with our letgo clone script then contact us for more information Whatsapp at 6379630152 or Email at You can also check our free demo using the link -

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What are the real-time benefits of launching the Ola clone app?

The taxi business is found to be one of the most lucrative businesses. People stick to taxi services as they are convenient, affordable, and can reach the destination on-time. As a newbie into the business world, you can opt-out for clone applications that are a replica of popular applications but with different features.

One such application is the Ola like taxi app. As we all know, Ola is the pioneer in taxi services with a successful business model. You can implement the same profitable business model with some customizations and reap the benefits.

So, what are sources of income if you launch an Ola clone app?

Peak hours- You can cost additional charges for every ride on-peak hours.

Taxi waiting charge- You can account the waiting time as idle time and cost extra charges for the waiting time.

Display ads- You can display ads on your app by partnering with various brands/service providers. For each ad displayed on the app, you will be paid a commission fee.

Above all, users expect real-time features from your app. To meet users’ expectations the Lyft clone script has futuristic, and real-time features.

Schedule features- To avoid last-minute ride bookings, the user can pre-book the ride by entering the time, source, and destination.

Live geofencing- The user can find the location of the vehicle with the app’s geofencing facility. Similarly, the driver can find the user’s location with the geofencing feature.

Estimated time of arrival- The user can know how long it will take for the driver to reach his/her location with the app’s ETA feature.


On a whole, the Ola/Lyft clone app has diverse real-time features that will be an added bonus to your taxi business.

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