Recoil vs Redux | The Ultimate React State Management Face-Off

Recoil vs Redux | The Ultimate React State Management Face-Off

Recoil vs Redux | The Ultimate React State Management Face-Off. This is a quick comparison between Recoil and Redux for a simple increment counter app. Recoil becomes the new standard for managing shared states in your react app and is ready to be used in production applications.

React with its component-based approach has made the life of developers easy by managing separate state and logic for each component and the ability to re-use them when required. But what if you wanted to use a shared state between multiple components or maybe fetch data from an API once and make it available to all the components in your app? That’s when global state management libraries like Redux, MobX, etc., come into play.

The downfall of Redux:

With the release of React 16.3, the react community got to experience the new Context API which worked similar to Redux and allowed to manage state in multiple components using Context Object, Provider, and Consumer. However, the context API also came with a catch! Sebastian Markbage from the React team has mentioned that the new Context API was not built and optimized for high-frequency updates but rather for low-frequency updates like theme and user auth management inside your app. You can check out his comment here. Context API also had some limitations with code splitting and the ability to store indefinite values instead of a single value.

Quick look at problems with redux:

  • Steep learning curve
  • Too much boilerplate code
  • Re-structure your project
  • Lacks concurrent mode support
  • Non — reactish approach
  • Difficult to achieve code-splitting
  • No built-in async support

So, what’s next?

Facebook recently launched Recoil, which is a brand new experimental JavaScript state management library that addresses many of the problems larger applications face when using the existing Context API.

Image of React Recoil fan-made logo (Unofficial)

Recoil (Fan made logo —

The Basics of Recoil:

Recoil mainly comprises of two things — Atoms and Selectors.

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