10 things about AWS CDK

10 things about AWS CDK

Learn 10 things about AWS CDK. CDK support multi-language based on JSII. CDK hides complexity. CDK is based on cloud formation. CDK has a fast release cycle. CDK is multicloud. CDK everywhere (CDK8s, projen …).

What I wanted to know before starting to use it

Some months ago I joined a new team, they were on AWS and using cloudformation for some stuff and, a lot of changes were made directly in the console.

After some discussion we’ve decided to start fresh on a new infrastructure code, with some constraint in mind:

  • We are not an OPS team but we are managing the infrastructure by our self.
  • We want no manual action in the AWS console.
  • The languages we are using in the team are GO for the backend and scala/python for data.

We have considered to re-work with Cloudformation and also with Terraform, but since no-one wanted to written thousands of lines of YAML we’ve decided to use AWS CDK.

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