21 Best app ideas worth 100 million. #6 is in High Demand

21 Best app ideas worth 100 million. #6 is in High Demand

New ideas for apps are making millions, you can make it too! Here are the 21 app ideas that can make your net worth more than 100 million. Checkout Now!

A majority of Startups are lying when they say they have a unique Idea, no they don’t, not even Uber, Ride-Hailing was in business from the stone age, yes what Startups did is tricked the business model and added ease to the process and with modern technique of marketing, they became worth Billion Dollars. So if you are a wantrepreneur or a serial entrepreneur and would like to add a new portfolio to your business, we have listed 21 app Ideas that can be tricked and upgraded with new Marketing tools and can bring you success.

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