Top 5 Ways Businesses Can Protect Customer Data

Top 5 Ways Businesses Can Protect Customer Data

The tools are all there. Protecting your data is pretty simple. Even with everything else happening in the world today, data theft stories still seem to find their way into news each week.

Even with everything else happening in the world today, data theft stories still seem to find their way into news each week. Whether it’s a large corporation suffering exposure of customer data, or simple credit card duping, data protection is an ever-increasing need. Given that over 33 percent of Americans become victims of online identity theft, protecting sensitive information online is not an issue you can afford to ignore.

If you’re running a business, you’re responsible for hundreds or even thousands of customer identification records. That’s why your business must do everything it reasonably can to guard this information against bad actors.

The importance of data security

Cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, and are continuously looking for new ways to exploit information such as passwords, bank accounts, and credit card details.

Identity theft is a huge problem. For one thing, t’s expensive. Cases of identity theft seem to grow every year. It can damage your personal or business reputation, affect customer confidence, and wreak general havoc that can take months or even years to resolve.

Because you are 80 times more likely to fall victim to identity theft online than in the physical world, guarding your data has never been more critical.

Protecting data integrity for you and your business

There are many ways to protect data, both online and offline. The following are the five most important steps to take — none of which require significant tech or cybersecurity knowledge. All are immediately actionable.

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