Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing in DevOps

Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing in DevOps

Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing | All You Need To Know. Learn the differences between parallel testing vs. traditional testing and how to accelerate your release cycles.

Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing

It is no surprise that the integration of digital technology into all areas of business operations is creating a high demand for software. To increase the effectiveness of their operations, enterprises rely more heavily on software, which means that software is now more complex, and there is little tolerance for failure. 

To ensure software readiness meet business demands, available testing technologies validate software to verify it does what it is supposed to do. Unfortunately, while testing improves the world of DevOps, it can be a costly endeavor if enterprises do not choose the correct testing framework.

Traditional testing frameworks and methodologies have come a long way since their inception. However, they can become a bottleneck in the DevOps pipeline. 

Parallel testing is a methodology where DevOps teams can use available resources more effectively and accelerate releases, translating into better software and more profits.

This article discusses traditional and parallel testing methodologies, compares their main differences, and offers best practice tips to improve your modern test automation pipelines.

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