New Features In PHP 8 2021

New Features In PHP 8 2021

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What's New In PHP 8?**

  1. Constructor Property Promotion
  2. Validation for Abstract Trait Methods
  3. Incompatible Method Signatures
  4. Arrays Starting With a Negative Index
  5. Union Types 2.0
  6. Stricter Type Checks for Arithmetic/Bitwise Operators
  7. Match Expression v2
  8. Saner Numeric Strings
  9. Saner String to Number Comparisons
  10. Nullsafe Operator
  11. Named Arguments
  12. Attributes v2
  13. Allows class syntax on objects
  14. Trailing Comma in Parameter List
  15. Consistent Type Errors for Internal Functions
  16. Throw Expression
  17. Weak Maps

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