Top4 website development trends to follow in 2021

Top4 website development trends to follow in 2021

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Your website is the gateway to your business, the way you design your website says a lot about you and your firm. If your online presence is creative and up to date, it will tell your visitors how you are always careful of the current and on-going trends. After a tough year of business that was adversely affected by the COVID19, the current business world calls for a complete revamp of the websites and how businesses are done. Therefore, today business owners are putting in extra efforts to ensure their website is trendy and tells what the business is all about. This is image title One of the main things that website developers should make sure about is the user experience. If you have a lousy website layout and takes hours to load, your customers will not take a minute to jump to another website. Today, we have tough competition out in the market. To ensure your customer is hooked on to your webpage, it is imperative for you to provide them with the exceptional user experience. If you wonder what trends one must follow in 2021 to ensure your customers do not run away from you, we have got you covered here. And to ensure your website is all trendy and up-to-date, there is no one better in the market than Ingenious Guru. Without any further ado, let’s discuss how you can attract new visitors and retain the current website visitors.

1) Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

To stay in the limelight and tell your customers how you like to be trendy, make sure your developers make the most of PWAs. They bring a plethora of benefits as they can function offline, create a similar user experience to the native applications, send push notifications, and have a pretty good loading time. Apart from such benefits, their development process is relatively straightforward as compared to the native applications. As a PWA developer, you need to track one codebase only. Once you are done with the application, all you have to do is upload on the server without fretting about buying an app store license.

Many big named organizations that include Starbucks, Pinterest, The Washington Post, and Forbes, have developed PWAs as they provide responsive performance for their customers. For example, statistics state Pinterest has experienced an almost 44% increase in its ad revenue rate. Whereas their users spend time has also increased by 40% on their PWA compared to the mobile website. The numbers are crazy; one should immediately move to PWAs to experience such an increase in their revenues.

2) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world without AI is not possible anymore, today, most business organizations are replacing the workforce with machines, and all credit goes to AI. It allows the processing of a massive amount of customer data and enables customization. It only shows the customers' relevant information; if you are interested in shoes, you will be shown shoes only wherever you go online. This is how they work, pretty crazy, eh? You think about buying shoes, and you will be presented with hundreds of shoe advertisements daily.

Curious about how does this even happen? Technology is pretty crazy; AI makes the best use of the previous purchases of customers, search histories, number of times they visit the website, and top category pages. Whenever you visit a website, AI collects more and more information about you and then recommends relevant pages and websites.

With cognitive and statistical analysis, the websites get the competency to process the information on a broad scale to determine customer's requirements and then cater to their interests accordingly. To serve your customers better, it's time you up your website development game and get AI technology onboard and offer ADI technology, voice-based interactions, and chatbots.

3) Single-page applications

Another trend that is expected to take over the year 2021 is the single page application, as it minimizes the reloading requirements for webpages by using JavaScript to load content. Such applications do not need an additional waiting time and solidify the web pages in the user's browser. If you are looking for inspiration to adopt single-page applications, then have a look at GitHub, Google, and Gmail as they are its best examples.

Single-page applications are famous because it displays all the relevant information on one page only, after all, nobody today has time to go to different pages and search for the information. It gives us a chance to think about how a single-page website can affect the user experience. And we all are looking to improve that, right? So why not adopt this technology as soon as you can?

Technology is changing at a breakneck pace, and that time is not really far when the readers would only stare at the screen and nod to tell which products they actually need.

4) IoT

One of the many ways to stay at the top of the game is to take advantage of the Internet of Things. They are explained as the computer devices interconnectivity in the daily objects with the help of the internet. The research shows by the year 2025, the world will have almost 64 billion IoT devices; however, in 2018, only 10 billion IoT devices were in use.

IoT deals with the enormous amount of information collected from sensors and then processed and transmitted through cloud networks. IoT ensures high security of all the information-connected processes, building a dynamic and interactive UI experience and accurate results. There is continuous growth in the IoT role, and the business owners need to implement it in their practices as soon as they can to give a better user experience.


It's time for you to realize without technology, there is no way your business can prosper; it has changed the overall web-development for us. Today, when everybody knows how to operate the business remotely, it is essential you get your hands on the latest web development trends to stay ahead of your competitors.

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