H2O For Fitness, Hydrotherapy Products and Canine Treadmills

H2O For Fitness, Hydrotherapy Products and Canine Treadmills

H2O for Fitness introduces a hydrotherapy product to supercharge your rehabilitation and workouts. We offer a new line of water treadmills for both humans and dog.

With the brand new Oasis line, H2O for Fitness introduces a series of canine underwater treadmills with several advanced features. The Oasis canine underwater treadmill, with it’s Low Impact - High Resistance workout, will supercharge any rehabilitation or workout regimen. H2O for Fitness’ American-Made hydrotherapy products are designed with the health and wellness of our users in mind. H2O For Fitness’ Hydrotherapy Products for Canine/ Small Pets Animals:

  1. Oasis ECO
  2. Oasis Pro

Our “The Oasis” underwater treadmills have many benefits & features:

The Benefits of the Oasis: ● American-Made Product: 100% Made in the USA ● Design & Function: Best user-friendly design and functionality. ● 24/7 Customer Support: Customer service is just a phone call away. ● Easy To Clean: Easy lift treadmill makes cleaning efforts efficient & effortless. ● Cost: The most affordable underwater treadmill on the market. ● The Single/Double door: The most competitively priced single/double door model on the market. Features: ● Large, high-quality touch screen controls ● Best variable speed motor ● Comprehensive 3-year warranty ● Top-rated energy saver mode ● Resistance Jet option ● Therapist bench & ramps

Looking for more information? Or do you have a few questions? Contact us to find out more about our products “The Oasis” and offers: H2O For Fitness Phone No: 1-877-296-0186 Email: [email protected] Web site: https://h2oforfitness.com/

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