The Best of Better Programming (November 21–27, 2020)

The Best of Better Programming (November 21–27, 2020)

The Best of Better Programming (November 21–27, 2020) - The best articles we published this week. Here are the best articles from Better Programming this week.

Our most-read articles this week!

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a nice week. This week was Thanksgiving here in the US. I took some time off yesterday to relax and have a Zoom Thanksgiving dinner with my family from around the country.

We’ve got some great stories for you this week so without further ado, here are the best articles from Better Programming this week:

1. A Curated List of 57 Amazing GitHub Repositories for Every Python Developerby  Angelica Dietzel 

2. Understanding Kubernetes Multi-Container Pod Patternsby  Gaurav Agarwal 

3. 5 Rules to Improve Code Readabilityby Dev by RayRay

4. Handling iOS 14 Diffable Data Sources  by  Anupam Chugh  

5. How to Automatically Monitor API Performance With Dynamic Testing  by  Allen Helton

6. When Coroutines Meet Android Permissions  by  Siva Ganesh Kantamani  

7. I Got Into MIT, Refused the Offer, and Still Became a Highly Valued Developer  by Zachary Minott

8. What’s New in Angular 11?  by  Chameera Dulanga  

9. If You Want to Gamble With Quantum Computing…  by  Frank Zickert

10. 6 Things to Know to Get Started With Python Data Classes  by  Yong Cui, Ph.D.  

11. Production-Grade Logging in Rust Applications  by  Ecky Putrady  

12. Build a Chat App Interface With SwiftUI  by  Sarah  

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