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12 Popular Cloud Computing Projects

In this article, we will learn about the top 12 cloud computing projects together. Cloud computing is adapting well to the shifting demands of today’s world. Businesses or educational institutions such as universities and schools must meet needs with cost-effective and scalable solutions. And to understand how to implement such solutions properly, one must first understand how cloud computing concepts can be mapped to real-time situations. Imagine if such issues were viewed as challenges and accepted in project proposals. Yes, these Cloud Computing project ideas are confined to Natural Language Processing or Artificial Intelligence algorithms that answer the customer or rural people’s inquiries well.

Introduction to Cloud Computing Projects

Cloud computing is one of the era’s most renowned and in-demand new technologies. It provides computer system resources like computing power and data storage to the end-users. Big Giants like Microsoft, Google & Amazon AWS were the first to launch it and have been the leaders since its inception. This article on “cloud computing projects” can help you to design projects.

Cloud Computing works on three different Service models, which are PaaS (Platform as a service), SaaS (Software as a service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). Let’s deep dive to understand the strategies and high demand Cloud computing projects which can be used & can help you get an excellent job by developing an idea to make the best cloud computing projects of today’s day.

Top 12 Cloud Computing Projects

Here are the top 12 cloud computing projects to refer

  1. Data Mining Applications in Cloud Computing Projects
  2. Developing the Eco-Friendly & sustainability based data centers
  3. Chat Bots
  4. Online Automation of a University Campus/College
  5. Remote-controlled smart devices
  6. Cloud-based Project in Healthcare & Pharma Sector
  7. Smart Traffic Management
  8. Bug Tracker
  9. Detecting Data Leaks using SQL
  10. Android Offloading
  11. Blood Banking via Cloud Computing
  12. Attendance Tracker

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Data Mining Applications in Cloud Computing Projects

In the current scenario, it can be easily found that data mining applications are being used in different industries. The main idea behind cloud computing is to maximize the cloud’s storage capacity by enabling more data storage & access as per the business needs. Distribution of the cloud servers on a global scale charges various users in proportion to the users’ location to the amount of data being transferred. The utility of a cloud computing project can be improved by adopting a nonlinear model to retrieve the data. This can help in reducing the cost of the execution cost. The Developers can go for deploying different execution of the application workflows so that the logs from cloud storage will be available simultaneously through the nonlinear solutions. This can be more cost-effective than a single source selection way of data retrieval. Such a cloud computing project idea can be a different thing & can go a long way. It can be available & beneficial for small & medium-scale enterprises. 

Developing Eco-Friendly & sustainability-based data centers

In today’s world, much awareness is being spread about the environment and its natural resources. Everybody is talking about planting trees, bio-gas, the greenhouse effect, and so on, to make the planet earth a better place to live and save for future generations. Everybody is environmentally conscious, and people have started teaching their kids about their responsibility to the environment. Being Digital, to a large extent, has helped shift to more energy-efficient and eco-friendly tools/modes of operation. Automobile companies have started making electric cars and motorbikes to help be environmentally friendly. But as a known fact, the deployment & the distribution of such cloud-based data involve a considerable amount of power cost.

So if we can find a way to develop cloud computing projects that can optimize the use of green energy, it can help save production costs and be eco-friendly too. If developed, such a project can be a great success, and various small, medium, and most significant business enterprises can benefit from it.  

The idea behind such projects is to optimize & reduce the power consumption incurred during the server deployment process. Such a project will be entirely based on the deployment stage because the main idea is to substitute traditional energy with renewable energy sources. Such a process of integrating sustainable energy with the data servers will reduce carbon emission, thereby a relief to the environment and will result in lowering the total cost of ownership of the cloud storage. Hence, if such a source of green energy is made available, this Project can be a reality soon. It depends on the availability of green energy.

Chat Bots

As we know, the current era of Artificial intelligence means that most of the work is done by Machines/Computers than the actual manual work by humans. A chatbot is one the artificial intelligence software which can reply to a query initiated by a user. So these Chatbots can communicate with humans when a user visits the site. These chatbots are one of the most famous & successful cloud computing projects. The idea behind developing such Chatbots is mainly for better & timely interaction, marketing, and customer experience 24/7. So a Website owner can always keep in touch with the customer frequently as & when needed. 

Some of the chatbots automatically give a reply based on predefined input patterns. A list of pre-stored responses is given in the system, & whenever a user asks any question, the bot matches its pattern with the system and gives the appropriate answer. So you can customize the stored data of the Chatbot as per the business requirement. This bot is mainly used in various e-commerce websites to make them more marketing & customer service-oriented.

Some of the bots do not have predefined answers for a pattern. Chatbots are amongst the most demanding cloud computing projects running today. So if you know the technology, This can help you get a job in the market & a great package too. Learn to create Chatbot for free!

Also Read: Basics of building an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Online Automation of a University Campus/College

Cloud computing systems are not untouched in the educational sector; they are also being used in the Education Sector. It helps gather data on the faculty, students, and visitors who visit the college campus. It comprises individual login portals for students, companies visiting the campus, and faculties. Each & every person registers using their portal & credentials. Such a Cloud computing project makes life easier for the Faculties in different divisions. They can easily search & Check student details & shortlist the students based on the profiles & reviewing them according to the criteria becomes more effortless & time-saving.

Admin will have access to all the said portals to have the authority to edit & update the data.  

Remote-controlled smart devices

It becomes so easy with Google Home for us to say, ‘OK, Google, turn off the bedroom light.’ Such home assistants are a great relief, and you don’t have to get up & switch off the lights. Technology has gone a way ahead. So much is being served on our plates by the boon of AI & Machine learning. There will be so many amongst us who are dependent on the internet of things for running our day-to-day life activities. From a smart tv to a smart refrigerator, Oven, Electric Cooker, & many more household gadgets run on automation.  

If we can think of Developing such loud computing projects which can give access to the owners to remotely control their smart devices the same way as our google home assistant does, imagine if we can instruct like OK Google, turn off the water heater or more relaxed while at a railway station/Café/Restaurant. With the vast scope in the field of Machine learning using data analytics and Artificial intelligence and software development, if such a project is done, it will be a hit & boon for technological innovations in this field. 

Cloud-based Project in Healthcare & Pharma Sector

As we all know, the Healthcare & Pharma sector is among the most desired domains for continuous innovations to improve the current facilities.

Due to the different diseases & the medical needs of the people, a lot of innovations & research keep going in these sectors. Let it be the Medicines, Drugs, equipment, diagnostic facilities, or healthcare solutions. We can come up with cloud-based projects by deploying such cloud-based intelligence systems in the research & the development of the most demanded/Required facilities can prove a boon to the sector & help in saving the lives of millions.

As Machine learning, Business Analytics, Intelligence, data analytics & AI are the top tools in the current business scenario, Such tools & technologies can be used for Research & Analysis purposes & play a significant role in analyzing the potential & possibility of such a project.

Smart Traffic Management

This project primarily leverages cloud computing capacity to lower your vehicle’s waiting time request during peak traffic hours. An application that may theoretically replicate the movement of vehicles such as cars, scooters, and three-wheelers after monitoring real-time traffic would be used to show such management.

This is one of those cloud computing project ideas that will assist beginners apprehensive about applying traffic management principles to real-world challenges to strengthen their decision-making process. This is because they will calculate the shortest route and time for a vehicle so that it does not get stuck in traffic. Still, thinking about how this project will determine the shortest route and duration for a car?

Vehicles moving in modern cities may be followed and monitored well using three-layered networks of a wireless sensor, vehicle routing, and updated coordinates of a vehicle’s source and destination. Later, video processing algorithms will calculate the amount of traffic impacting events. These events could be weather changes, driving zones, and other unique occurrences. Finally, traffic data will be retrieved and evaluated. This is to improve a vehicle’s overall efficiency in reaching its destination by selecting the shortest road accessible in the shortest amount of time.

Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker is easy to use and excellent at identifying and killing a wide range of bugs. These problems can be caused by communication, grammar, calculation, or command issues. Consider how such issues could be identified in a shorter period. By entering into this program with a legitimate login and strong password, a person utilizing this tracker (who may be an administrator, a staff member, or a client) can determine the kind and source of the bug. The person can then look over the details of the bug, such as when it was created, how long it stayed in the system, and so on.

If the bug isn’t directly or indirectly related to the administrator, they may pass the information on to a staff member or vice versa. If the same (i.e., bug) is bothering the consumers, the bug details may also be given to them. Customers who cannot locate remedies for a bug will be able to contact the administrator directly for the much-needed solutions. Customers will not have to waste time analyzing the Bug Tracker’s searches and labels. This is because the administrator has supplied methods to find and eliminate a bug in a shorter period.

Detecting Data leaks using SQL

Data leaks have grown widely in this modern era, and the repercussions are dangerous to innocent users. They might occur in a known or unknown manner due to various forms. Several data breaches occur when your password is stolen, when one of your pals successfully memorizes the keystrokes, or when ransomware takes control of your machine and mind. In this project, a system will be built using cloud technology and secured using AESX Encryption.

Are you considering how this may mitigate existing security flaws (SQL Injection)? The software that detects data breaches will perform content inspection and contextual analysis to accomplish this properly. Users (who may or may not be assaulters) will be classified using them based on the messages or behaviors on the internet. Later, if a user’s messages knowingly or unknowingly invite security vulnerabilities, such messages and users are identified. And the software (which is packed with DLP or Data Loss Prevention solutions) will intelligently restrict those users or take strict action against them. This is done to prevent losses in terms of money or mental health.

Overall, this project aims to protect the privacy and security of your personal information held on e-commerce sites where you may log in regularly or frequently.

Android Offloading

Android Offloading would be a straightforward way to make offloading easier. You may now inquire as to what the offloading entails. Offloading is a term that combines the words “off” and “loading” and refers to turning off or lessening the burden. Depending on the intricacy of the environment, that stress may be placed on an operating system such as Android or Windows. Students will propose an offloading architecture that utilizes cloud-based servers in this project. Such servers will reduce Android strain by allowing users to move heavy workload applications to virtual servers that take advantage of cloud storage.

As a result, numerous processes running in the foreground or background of your Android phones will be able to perform other critical activities now that space has been made accessible. Users can easily record the timestamp analysis by selecting a process or the corresponding file. This study will reveal how long existing programmes have been using Android resources and CPU power and what non-interactive components they contain. Non-interactive sections and space-consuming duties are relocated to cloud-based servers.

Therefore, they allow smartphones to demonstrate robotic offload in real time. This would be an excellent assignment for beginners because it would assist organisations in determining whether or not their current systems can extract profit margins in the current market conditions!

Blood Banking via Cloud Computing

Blood banking is a way of facilitating blood transfusions that makes good use of existing scientific tools. This initiative can cater to such characteristics well depending on donors’ blood type and availability in that area. All thanks to a central database bolstered by the computational power of scalable and effective cloud storage. You could consider how doctors and other medical professionals will determine which donor is the best! The previous track records are the answer.

This cloud-based online Blood Banking system will highlight the significant contributions of donors in previous months or years and identify the quality of the results provided by their blood. Doctors and other practitioners can now be confident that they will have easy access to blood (A+, B+, AB+, or O-). This will also assist beginners in comprehending the relevance of blood banks. And the implications that patients must confront if the blood that could be transfused into their veins is not available during their scheduled times.

Attendance Tracker

Attendance Tracker could be a prize-winning project for college students or cloud computing newcomers. This is because a tracker like this will aid in the investigation of discrepancies in existing attendance statistics. Because the tracker has so much potential, it may determine which students are irregular in their courses. This will also determine the ones not able to grasp the concepts of their chosen fields.

Students may mesmerize their teachers or experienced authorities of management using this tracker. The tracker is compatible with the Azure cloud, which provides excellent analytics and networking for cloud-based applications. When you enter a student’s Enrolment Number or Name, information such as availability in classes and the number of lectures attended will appear. Because Azure cloud capabilities power the tracker, no proxies are possible.

Even the security provided is so comprehensive and practical that the students who often deceive their deans are found in a shorter period – just after the admin enters login credentials into this tracker. This will increase accuracy and transparency in any educational institution. This is because students and their parents will be notified about the status of leave requests and absences securely and cost-effectively.


Cloud computing projects have a vast scope with great potential to transform the technological landscape to better the current business scenarios. So if we get a chance to extend and upgrade technology, it will also significantly impact businesses and society. As the scope of innovation remains expansive, the execution of such projects is a challenge and needs attention and risk to investment. But, cloud technology is such a remarkable thing that the techies have already established various projects, and there are many yet to be built in the current cutting edge technology and research & development, which keeps on working for a better tomorrow for every one of us.

So, we hope that you like our list of cloud computing project ideas. Our suggestion would be to quickly narrow down your favorite one to start work on it. Now, you can also learn cloud computing from a leading global university and secure a certification. 

Whether you want to get started in cloud computing or build on your existing knowledge, Great Learning Academy’s free cloud computing courses will give you the skills you need to succeed. These courses are perfect for anyone who wants to get ahead in the cloud computing field. In addition, these courses come with certification upon completion, which can help you land a job in the field.

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12 Popular Cloud Computing Projects
Adaline  Kulas

Adaline Kulas


Multi-cloud Spending: 8 Tips To Lower Cost

A multi-cloud approach is nothing but leveraging two or more cloud platforms for meeting the various business requirements of an enterprise. The multi-cloud IT environment incorporates different clouds from multiple vendors and negates the dependence on a single public cloud service provider. Thus enterprises can choose specific services from multiple public clouds and reap the benefits of each.

Given its affordability and agility, most enterprises opt for a multi-cloud approach in cloud computing now. A 2018 survey on the public cloud services market points out that 81% of the respondents use services from two or more providers. Subsequently, the cloud computing services market has reported incredible growth in recent times. The worldwide public cloud services market is all set to reach $500 billion in the next four years, according to IDC.

By choosing multi-cloud solutions strategically, enterprises can optimize the benefits of cloud computing and aim for some key competitive advantages. They can avoid the lengthy and cumbersome processes involved in buying, installing and testing high-priced systems. The IaaS and PaaS solutions have become a windfall for the enterprise’s budget as it does not incur huge up-front capital expenditure.

However, cost optimization is still a challenge while facilitating a multi-cloud environment and a large number of enterprises end up overpaying with or without realizing it. The below-mentioned tips would help you ensure the money is spent wisely on cloud computing services.

  • Deactivate underused or unattached resources

Most organizations tend to get wrong with simple things which turn out to be the root cause for needless spending and resource wastage. The first step to cost optimization in your cloud strategy is to identify underutilized resources that you have been paying for.

Enterprises often continue to pay for resources that have been purchased earlier but are no longer useful. Identifying such unused and unattached resources and deactivating it on a regular basis brings you one step closer to cost optimization. If needed, you can deploy automated cloud management tools that are largely helpful in providing the analytics needed to optimize the cloud spending and cut costs on an ongoing basis.

  • Figure out idle instances

Another key cost optimization strategy is to identify the idle computing instances and consolidate them into fewer instances. An idle computing instance may require a CPU utilization level of 1-5%, but you may be billed by the service provider for 100% for the same instance.

Every enterprise will have such non-production instances that constitute unnecessary storage space and lead to overpaying. Re-evaluating your resource allocations regularly and removing unnecessary storage may help you save money significantly. Resource allocation is not only a matter of CPU and memory but also it is linked to the storage, network, and various other factors.

  • Deploy monitoring mechanisms

The key to efficient cost reduction in cloud computing technology lies in proactive monitoring. A comprehensive view of the cloud usage helps enterprises to monitor and minimize unnecessary spending. You can make use of various mechanisms for monitoring computing demand.

For instance, you can use a heatmap to understand the highs and lows in computing visually. This heat map indicates the start and stop times which in turn lead to reduced costs. You can also deploy automated tools that help organizations to schedule instances to start and stop. By following a heatmap, you can understand whether it is safe to shut down servers on holidays or weekends.

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Adaline Kulas


What are the benefits of cloud migration? Reasons you should migrate

The moving of applications, databases and other business elements from the local server to the cloud server called cloud migration. This article will deal with migration techniques, requirement and the benefits of cloud migration.

In simple terms, moving from local to the public cloud server is called cloud migration. Gartner says 17.5% revenue growth as promised in cloud migration and also has a forecast for 2022 as shown in the following image.

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How Cloud Technology Reduces your App Development Cost? -

Learn about the positive impact of cloud computing on mobile app development, and how Cloud Technology will help reduce your app development cost.
Organizations need to understand that cloud technology is pretty much necessary to maintain continuity. With truncated costing, even the bootstrapped start-ups can afford advanced level mobile app development and expand their business rapidly. Even the leading mobile app developers would prefer cloud computing for developing better solutions.
Cloud computing is the flamboyance that you need to take your business ahead as it helps you correctly structure mobile app development.

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Autumn Blick


Top Android Projects with Source Code

Android Projects with Source Code – Your entry pass into the world of Android

Hello Everyone, welcome to this article, which is going to be really important to all those who’re in dilemma for their projects and the project submissions. This article is also going to help you if you’re an enthusiast looking forward to explore and enhance your Android skills. The reason is that we’re here to provide you the best ideas of Android Project with source code that you can choose as per your choice.

These project ideas are simple suggestions to help you deal with the difficulty of choosing the correct projects. In this article, we’ll see the project ideas from beginners level and later we’ll move on to intermediate to advance.

top android projects with source code

Android Projects with Source Code

Before working on real-time projects, it is recommended to create a sample hello world project in android studio and get a flavor of project creation as well as execution: Create your first android project

Android Projects for beginners

1. Calculator

build a simple calculator app in android studio source code

Android Project: A calculator will be an easy application if you have just learned Android and coding for Java. This Application will simply take the input values and the operation to be performed from the users. After taking the input it’ll return the results to them on the screen. This is a really easy application and doesn’t need use of any particular package.

To make a calculator you’d need Android IDE, Kotlin/Java for coding, and for layout of your application, you’d need XML or JSON. For this, coding would be the same as that in any language, but in the form of an application. Not to forget creating a calculator initially will increase your logical thinking.

Once the user installs the calculator, they’re ready to use it even without the internet. They’ll enter the values, and the application will show them the value after performing the given operations on the entered operands.

Source Code: Simple Calculator Project

2. A Reminder App

Android Project: This is a good project for beginners. A Reminder App can help you set reminders for different events that you have throughout the day. It’ll help you stay updated with all your tasks for the day. It can be useful for all those who are not so good at organizing their plans and forget easily. This would be a simple application just whose task would be just to remind you of something at a particular time.

To make a Reminder App you need to code in Kotlin/Java and design the layout using XML or JSON. For the functionality of the app, you’d need to make use of AlarmManager Class and Notifications in Android.

In this, the user would be able to set reminders and time in the application. Users can schedule reminders that would remind them to drink water again and again throughout the day. Or to remind them of their medications.

3. Quiz Application

Android Project: Another beginner’s level project Idea can be a Quiz Application in android. Here you can provide the users with Quiz on various general knowledge topics. These practices will ensure that you’re able to set the layouts properly and slowly increase your pace of learning the Android application development. In this you’ll learn to use various Layout components at the same time understanding them better.

To make a quiz application you’ll need to code in Java and set layouts using xml or java whichever you prefer. You can also use JSON for the layouts whichever preferable.

In the app, questions would be asked and answers would be shown as multiple choices. The user selects the answer and gets shown on the screen if the answers are correct. In the end the final marks would be shown to the users.

4. Simple Tic-Tac-Toe

android project tic tac toe game app

Android Project: Tic-Tac-Toe is a nice game, I guess most of you all are well aware of it. This will be a game for two players. In this android game, users would be putting X and O in the given 9 parts of a box one by one. The first player to arrange X or O in an adjacent line of three wins.

To build this game, you’d need Java and XML for Android Studio. And simply apply the logic on that. This game will have a set of three matches. So, it’ll also have a scoreboard. This scoreboard will show the final result at the end of one complete set.

Upon entering the game they’ll enter their names. And that’s when the game begins. They’ll touch one of the empty boxes present there and get their turn one by one. At the end of the game, there would be a winner declared.

Source Code: Tic Tac Toe Game Project

5. Stopwatch

Android Project: A stopwatch is another simple android project idea that will work the same as a normal handheld timepiece that measures the time elapsed between its activation and deactivation. This application will have three buttons that are: start, stop, and hold.

This application would need to use Java and XML. For this application, we need to set the timer properly as it is initially set to milliseconds, and that should be converted to minutes and then hours properly. The users can use this application and all they’d need to do is, start the stopwatch and then stop it when they are done. They can also pause the timer and continue it again when they like.

6. To Do App

Android Project: This is another very simple project idea for you as a beginner. This application as the name suggests will be a To-Do list holding app. It’ll store the users schedules and their upcoming meetings or events. In this application, users will be enabled to write their important notes as well. To make it safe, provide a login page before the user can access it.

So, this app will have a login page, sign-up page, logout system, and the area to write their tasks, events, or important notes. You can build it in android studio using Java and XML at ease. Using XML you can build the user interface as user-friendly as you can. And to store the users’ data, you can use SQLite enabling the users to even delete the data permanently.

Now for users, they will sign up and get access to the write section. Here the users can note down the things and store them permanently. Users can also alter the data or delete them. Finally, they can logout and also, login again and again whenever they like.

7. Roman to decimal converter

Android Project: This app is aimed at the conversion of Roman numbers to their significant decimal number. It’ll help to check the meaning of the roman numbers. Moreover, it will be easy to develop and will help you get your hands on coding and Android.

You need to use Android Studio, Java for coding and XML for interface. The application will take input from the users and convert them to decimal. Once it converts the Roman no. into decimal, it will show the results on the screen.

The users are supposed to just enter the Roman Number and they’ll get the decimal values on the screen. This can be a good android project for final year students.

8. Virtual Dice Roller

Android Project: Well, coming to this part that is Virtual Dice or a random no. generator. It is another simple but interesting app for computer science students. The only task that it would need to do would be to generate a number randomly. This can help people who’re often confused between two or more things.

Using a simple random number generator you can actually create something as good as this. All you’d need to do is get you hands-on OnClick listeners. And a good layout would be cherry on the cake.

The user’s task would be to set the range of the numbers and then click on the roll button. And the app will show them a randomly generated number. Isn’t it interesting ? Try soon!

9. A Scientific Calculator App

Android Project: This application is very important for you as a beginner as it will let you use your logical thinking and improve your programming skills. This is a scientific calculator that will help the users to do various calculations at ease.

To make this application you’d need to use Android Studio. Here you’d need to use arithmetic logics for the calculations. The user would need to give input to the application that will be in terms of numbers. After that, the user will give the operator as an input. Then the Application will calculate and generate the result on the user screen.

10. SMS App

Android Project: An SMS app is another easy but effective idea. It will let you send the SMS to various no. just in the same way as you use the default messaging application in your phone. This project will help you with better understanding of SMSManager in Android.

For this application, you would need to implement Java class SMSManager in Android. For the Layout you can use XML or JSON. Implementing SMSManager into the app is an easy task, so you would love this.

The user would be provided with the facility to text to whichever number they wish also, they’d be able to choose the numbers from the contact list. Another thing would be the Textbox, where they’ll enter their message. Once the message is entered they can happily click on the send button.

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Cloud Computing Services

Data Management has taken a new turn with the introduction of Cloud Storage which has resulted in requirements for Cloud Computing. It is nothing but the data processing system that takes away a load of data management from the hands of individual devices.

Want to use cloud computing like Amazon Web Services (AWS) for your business data?

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