Top Technology Trends for 2021

Top Technology Trends for 2021

In this blog, we review the top tech trends in 2021 viz Fog Computing, Blockchain, Micro Frontends, DevSecOps, AIoT, 5G, MLOps, and many more

The year 2020 has seen unprecedented uncertainty and upheaval. In the midst of it all, we have seen various technology trends that drove 2020 and are set to make an impact on the business landscape in 2021. To grow businesses in 2021, it’s imperative to adopt technology that complements and enables the overarching business strategy. Leaders must continuously stay abreast of the emerging technology trends on the horizon. This will help business leaders to build integrated corporate strategies and take calculated risks that have a high probability of paying off in 2021.

In this blog, we’ll review the top tech trends of 2020 and how they will manifest in 2021. We’ll also take a look at some tech trends of 2021 that the world can look forward to.

Engineering Strategy

Engineering Strategy

2020 Recap:  The role of technology in business strategy has never been more critical. With technology disrupting all areas of business, 2020 proved that it is more critical than ever to have technology inform business decisions. If formulated and executed correctly, this enables companies to have a more agile and nimble approach to corporate strategy. As technology advances at a pace more rapid than ever before, 2020 showed that these changes will need to be brought about quickly. For example, tech strategy can be constrained by corporate strategy. In such a scenario, because corporate strategy is considered to be of greater importance, technological development or adoption can fall by the wayside. To avoid this, it’s necessary for corporate and technology strategy to go hand in hand, and for corporate technology leaders to feel empowered to make such decisions.

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