Is Java Obsolete? “Isn’t Java Obsolete?”

Is Java Obsolete?  “Isn’t Java Obsolete?”

Java is not obsolete. It's actually become easier and cheaper to acquire, as Oracle has completed the open sourcing of not just the JDK, but powerful management and monitoring tools such as VisualVM.

A few days back, I met a graduate student of Computer Science. Upon being asked what I am currently doing, I told him that I am working on Java programming language and he asked me “Isn’t Java Obsolete?”

Little bit history on Java. Java came into existence on May 23rd, 1995, around more than 23 years have passed by and Java had come along way. It was developed by Sun Microsystems which is now owned by Oracle Corporation. So, over this period of 23 years, is Java really becoming obsolete? Being a Java developer (professionally, academically and by hobby) for more than 5 years now, I would like to deny with this fact. I started learning Java when I was in my third year of Graduate program. Before that I had privilege of working on multiple other programming languages like C++, PHP and C#. But I would like to say since I started working on Java, I felt the love for it. Java is used by enterprise system and small to medium scale software implementations and there are many applications of Java from machine learning to AI, desktop apps to mobile apps and web apps to server-side programming, any domain you name. There are lots of debates that goes on as which language is better or not, but I would not go into it. I would just discuss why Java will not get obsolete soon.

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