Job Openings for Product Engineering and Solutions

Job Openings for Product Engineering and Solutions

Job Openings in Software Product Development and Platform Solutions Company in BigData, DevOps, Machine Learning and Deep learning and AI

After Leaving Foreign Assignment in Africa from Ericsson in 2012, Founder – Navdeep Singh Gill started Company with Simple vision on Cloud Computing and BigData will Bring Digital transformation.

Later, in 2014 Team up with a Research Scholar, Domain expertise, and 2 young geeks, to serve a Foreign Telecom client for Building real-time analytics tool along with Hadoop cluster management and migration of data application from premises standalone servers to Private Cloud.

Now, XenonStack is Building Data-driven Applications for enterprises, Embedding the Internet in every aspect of life, easing the human life using analytics and IoT products; contributing towards high performance, highly available and reliable solutions.

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