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Lisa joly


TOP NFT LIST FOR 2021 5X,10X, 100X Gains. Do not miss!!!

Hey guys NFT’s are Hot right now and people are making gains buying NFT coins. So I thought I would put together my Top list of NFT projects in 2021. Many of these projects are still low market cap and have plenty of potential gains in 2021. Obvious DYOR and I hope this NFT list gives you some coins you didn’t know about early so you can do more research.

Here is the list $ENJIN, $THETA, $FLOW, $OMI, $OVR, $ASX, $ANRKX, $SAND, $GALA, $TVK, $REVV, $DGCL

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TOP NFT LIST FOR  2021 5X,10X, 100X Gains. Do not miss!!!