How to Reverse a String

How to Reverse a String

The only way to get better at solving algorithms and data structures is to power through a few. Can you write a function that reverses an inputted string without using the built-in Array#reverse method?

Can you write a function that reverses an inputted string without using the built-in Array#reverse method?

Let’s look at some examples. So, calling:

reverseString("jake") should return "ekaj".

reverseString("reverseastring") should return "gnirtsaesrever".

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True or False?

In Java, C#, JavaScript, Python and Go, strings are immutable. This means the string object's state can't be changed after creation.

Solution: True

On Interviewer Mindset

Reversing a string is one of the most common technical interview questions that candidates get. Interviewers love it because it’s deceptively simple. After all, as a software engineer, you’d probably call the #reverse method on your favorite String class and call it a day!

So don’t overlook this one — it appears a surprising amount as a warm-up or build-up question. Many interviewers will take the approach of using an easy question like this one, and actually judge much more harshly. You’ll want to make you sure really nail this.

How We’ll Begin Solving

We want the string reversed, which means that we end up with all our letters positioned backwards. If you need a quick review of `string_`_s, check out [our lesson on arrays and strings_](

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