Launch an Uber like app for tutor to offer affordable education

Education is one of the basic rights for everyone on earth. However, the onslaught of the global Covid-19 pandemic affected learning for millions of students due to the forced closure of schools and colleges. However, online education platforms witnessed a huge spike in demand as classes and doubt-clearing sessions were held online.

Entrepreneurs can upgrade the quality of the education industry by launching an outstanding on-demand tutoring app like Uber in collaboration with a reputed app development company in the market. Audio and video classes can be easily conducted by the teachers for any number of students through user-friendly Android and iOS apps. An advanced admin panel is also available to control the daily business operations efficiently.

How can entrepreneurs mint huge revenue from an ultra-modern Uber like app for tutor?

Registration fees - from the qualified and skilled teachers for providing their subject expertise.
Commission from the tutors - for each online class they conduct on the on-demand tutoring app like Uber.
Subscription plans (monthly and yearly) - paid by the students who regularly use the on-demand tutoring service app.
Transaction processing charges - are imposed on every payment made through the in-built online payment gateway.
Publishing of targeted advertisements - related to educational products and services. The income depends on the total number of clicks, impressions, and views.

Concluding Viewpoint

Entrepreneurs will have to fully utilize the power of technology to make their ready-made Uber like app for tutor accessible and affordable for all kinds of students and teachers. The global online tutoring market will skyrocket to a humongous value of $15.99 billion by 2027 with an annual growth rate of 16.1% for the next six years.

North America and the Asia Pacific are the biggest markets where entrepreneurs can get resounding success for their on-demand tutoring service app. Hence, take full advantage of this booming business of online education by teaming up with a competent app development company to establish an on-demand tutoring app like Uber.

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Launch an Uber like app for tutor to offer affordable education