How to Recover From a Git Merge Mess

How to Recover From a Git Merge Mess

How to Recover From a Git Merge Mess. Have you used Git version control system for your project? It also brings pain and messed-up operations. Git is the most widely used modern version control system in the world.

An in-depth discussion on git references, commits, and branches

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Have you used Git version control system for your project?

The answer is probably “yes, every day,” if you’re a software developer.

Git is the most widely used modern version control system in the world. Since it was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005, it’s played an important role coordinating work among programmers, who collaboratively develop source code during software development.

Git provides speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. It also brings pain and messed-up operations.

There are official Git documents and many blogs and guides. However, it is still difficult to master the Git version control system. git <command> --help is a long manual, with numerous options. Ironically, the scientific description makes more sense after you know the command.

We don’t need to know every Git command, let alone every option. Start with Git references, and take a close look at Git commits and Git branches. Hopefully, these concepts will help you to manage Git effectively and be capable of resolving issues when they arise.

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