Hire a Professional Web Development Company

Hire a Professional Web Development Company

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The demand for digital products is ever high since the pandemic has made organizations realize the importance of having functional digital products. Web applications are one of these products that are being widely used by organizations regardless of their size. The world of web applications has traveled a long way from simple static webpages to progressive and hybrid web applications at the current all thanks to JavaScript that took all the burden of redefining websites. It’s a fact that a tremendous amount of work has been done by JS to minimize the amount of code to write. Gone are the days when one had to a coding geek to develop web and mobile applications. There are a plethora of tools and frameworks that are now available that use a single codebase to develop multi-platform web applications. This has not only revolutionized the web development process but has also brought a lot of ease to web developers. Still, the development process is very logical and needs you to have a sound tech-savvy background. This is the reason why many organizations hire IT service providers to get their desired projects developed without having to get stuck in the development process. Partnering with an IT company means you have to communicate with a company that has an entirely different business domain, has different functionality, and processes. This makes the development trickier to approach. But fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably landed on the right destination. I have gathered a list of 6 modern-day structured approaches towards web development in 2021. So, let’s get into it. Web Development Process Approach:

  1. Planning and Discovery: This phase lays the groundwork for the rest of the project's planning and growth. It entails a thorough requirement gathering process in which key project elements such as scope, purpose, wireframes, and functional specifications are addressed and reported. Unknowns, such as third-party APIs and web providers, are carefully examined. This is done to gain a better understanding of these third-party systems and to eliminate any potential ambiguity until implementation begins. Discovery is the main step in the development of applications as it gives a clear understanding of the purpose of the application, its business objectives, and its target audience. Based on these inputs, it draws up a well-defined action plan that includes task breakdown, allocation of resources, project schedules, and milestones. At the end of this stage, the technology stack to be used for development is also finalized in consultation with the customer team, because the developing team has a holistic perspective of the application.
  2. Design and Coding: The next step after gathering the design and coding requirements is to move these requirements to designers and then to developers. Initial wireframes are designed in this phase since one of the key elements that define a web product’s success is its user interface. Moreover, an intuitive user interface sets a web application to gain higher traffic, conversion rates and helps in gaining results efficiently via SEO marketing. Once frameworks are designed, these are moved to front-end developers to do manual coding to develop the front-side of the web application. This phase requires designers, coders, and clients to collaborate more often to ensure the web product matches the precise idea behind it.
  3. Development Phase: The first thing to go is initial installation and setup. Then developers configure all required module settings. They make sure every web page has been approved and that every feature on the website has been demoed by the client. The development side to the customer suggested a little: check and test all options. When it comes to using the website, there are no minor ones. Believe us, every teenage bug will be noticed by your visitors to your website. The development phase is further divided into two sub-phases i.e. front-end development and back-end development. These two can either go side-by-side or normally front-end is completed first and followed by back-end development. While the front-end deals with all the visual features and elements that users see on their side, back-end deals are all about logic and coding.
  4. Quality Assurance: Until a newly developed web application may be tested, it must first meet stringent quality requirements. Rigorous quality assurance of the various established features is performed during this process. The key types of quality assurance tests conducted here are browser sensitive testing, regression testing, functional testing, smoke testing, load testing, and performance testing. This is the stage in which the production and testing teams collaborate in an iterative process to ensure that the final product is bug-free and smooth. The website is now ready to be rolled out for client review and input after this process is completed successfully.
  5. Beta Testing: This is not a necessity but a very useful practice before the launch of a web project. This stage means a web app undergoes pre-launch testing by a group of targeted users. This process is aimed at getting to know their initial experience of the app and if anything is lagging, it’s get caught in this stage. The other part of this stage is to let the client test the app to involve his/her feedback and suggestions (if any).
  6. Launch: This is a critical final phase that necessitates extensive planning, which can begin as early as the project's inception. This process includes tasks such as data migration, server setup and configuration, code merge, domain name redirection, and sanity testing. These tasks are carried out with utmost precision by an experienced team of experts who double-check everything is set up correctly and leave no space for assumptions. Any web application requires ongoing maintenance, support, enhancements, and periodic updates. Conclusion: When it comes to developing web applications that are trend-setting and state-of-the-art, there is no alternative to a well-metered development process that sets a project for success. The above set of processes is what IT companies follow widely but exceptions are there since not everything works for everyone. If you are in the middle of your search for a reputable IT partner that follows a well-structured approach towards web development, SoftCircles is your go-to web development company in New York.

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