Debugging with Dashbird: API Gateway Encoding not Enabled

Debugging with Dashbird: API Gateway Encoding not Enabled

Debugging with Dashbird: API Gateway Encoding not Enabled. In this quick debugging article, you'll learn what does the error API Gateway Encoding not Enabled mean and how to handle or debug it.

When using services created by other people, it’s often neither obvious what they mean, let alone how to fix them. One of these  error messages you might see when using  Amazon API Gateway is “encoding not enabled”.

The first question here is, what kind of encoding does this error message refer to? The first thought might go into the video or audio encoding direction and lead to a dead-end since you probably didn’t send any audio or video files. The error message is confusing because it aims to compress your response payload.

What does “API Gateway Encoding not Enabled” mean?

Content-encoding will be disabled by default when you create a new API. So it’s very likely that you already have one or multiple APIs running that don’t use this feature.

Depending on your API responses’ size, disabled content-encoding can lead to needlessly high traffic. And outbound traffic from AWS can get expensive quickly.

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