Parsing JSON in Dart/Flutter

Parsing JSON in Dart/Flutter

There are many ways to parsing json from request. In this post we are going to code how to parse json using http package in Flutter and Dart. How to parse json using async/ wait and Future. Parsing JSON in Dart/Flutter

Hi everybody!

There are many ways to parsing json from request. In this post we are going to code how to parse json using http package in Flutter and Dart.

At first, we need to add http dependency in pubspec.yaml

http: ^0.12.2

We are going to make a request, it’s take a long time. That’s why, we need to use asynchronous programming. Otherwise, user interface will be frozen waiting response from request. We don’t want that!.

Dart provides two different way to asynchronous programming: future and the async and await keywords. We are going to use both of them to code this example.

Note: in futures post we can talk about asynchronous programming. In this post we are going to focus in parsing json.

Let’s code!.

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