Full Stack Vue.js & Laravel - How to use Vuejs Service Container Package

Full Stack Vue.js & Laravel - How to use Vuejs Service Container Package

In this full stack vue.js to Laravel tutorial explains how to use of the vuejs service container package. Laravel to Vue.js ~ Full Stack Vue.js & Laravel Integration (Vuejs Service Container Package)

In this full stack vuejs to laravel tutorial, we cover a wide array of topics ~ all of which circle around the use of the vuejs service container package (https://github.com/zhorton34/vue-service-container).

Order of topics we'll cover: 1: Installing the vue service container 2: Creating the vuejs service container 3: Injecting Php data into vue service container, utilizing laravel blade 4: Accessing the php content from within vuejs service container 5: Creating vuejs service providers (boot, register, afterLaunch, & when hooks - context object) 6. Creating a global Vue component within the welcome-page.js ServiceProvider 6: Laravel blade templates & vuejs templates within a single template 7. Configuring webpack aliases using webpack.mix.js 8: Implementing vuex store within service provider 9: Committing php data to vuex store BEFORE we mount our Vue instance to the DOM 10: Global Event Bus Service Provider 11: Filters vuejs Service Provider 12: Directives vuejs Service Provider
13: Implementing vue-router using a vuejs Service Provider 14: afterLaunch, hook into vue-router example 15: Code splitting (definition) 16: Code splitting (purpose) 17: Full Stack Laravel and vuejs code splitting implementation 18: Closing Thoughts

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