Material Design Date Picker For React Native

Material Design Date Picker For React Native

React Native Material Date Picker

React Native Material Date Picker

🌟 Features

  • Easy usage
  • Material design
  • Easy localizable

⭐ ScreenShot

⬇️ Installation

Install by npm or yarn
npm install --save react-native-material-date-picker


yarn add react-native-material-date-picker
import { ModalDatePicker } from "react-native-material-date-picker";

const App = () => {
  return (             
      <View style={{flex: 1, alignSelf: 'stretch'}}>
            button={<Text> Open </Text>} 
            onSelect={(date) => console.log(date) }
            initialDate={new Date()}
            language={require('./locales/en.json')}. # Your localization file


Params Type Default Description
locale string en Language of the picker
color string #00B0FF The selected date color
style Style - Style of the picker container
onSelect func - Run after selection of a date
onForward func - Run after go forward a day
onBack func - Run after go back a day
onHidden func - Run after hidden the picker (only ModalDatePicker)
isHideOnSelect boolean false Determines whether the modal will be closed (only ModalDatePicker)
initialDate Date Now Initial date for picker (only ModalDatePicker)
language JSON File - Your custom language file for months and days (Example)

⚠️ Dependency

Note on the legacy CLI

There seems to be quite some confusion about the legacy CLI. This template only works with the new CLI. Make sure you have uninstalled the legacy react-native-cli first (npm uninstall -g react-native-cli), for the below command to work. If you wish to not use npx, you can also install the new CLI globally (npm i -g @react-native-community/cli or yarn global add @react-native-community/cli).

Download Details:

Author: ilkerkesici

Source Code:

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