A Ruby CLI to Remember

While brainstorming for what I wanted my Ruby API application to do; I was intimidated by the endless possibilities that my project could become. The apprehension was made a little easier by this one simple quote, “don’t try to eat an elephant whole, instead eat it piece by piece.” Basically, break down the project so that it is more manageable. With said mantra in mind, I chose to first focus on the overall user experience.

What did I want to user to be able to do?

I wanted the user to be able to be able to easily access some kind of information through a list menu. When something was selected from the menu the information needed to be displayed for the use. The user should also have the capability to exit the program if they wished.

Now that I decided what I wanted the user to do, I needed to choose a specific type of information to display. I toyed with the idea of using an API focused on the Lord of the Rings (which I felt would be amazing). However, the API that I looked at required authorization keys and I felt like that was a headache that could be avoided.

Luckily, I saw a Pokemon Trading Card Game API, which I felt would be absolutely amazing! After browsing the developer docs and becoming familiar with the parameters that I could search for using JSON.

The slight problem with this was that I could not for the life of me get my API to work. Instead of being bogged down in the mire, I chose to start over with a fresh idea and new API.

The final outcome was using the old and reliable Star Wars API or SWAPI for short! I wanted to display information about the films and species of the creatures that reside in those films.

Bundle Gem <file_name>

With all the information necessary to start, I first set up the basic directories that I could edit to create my application. In the terminal, I ran _bundle gem galaxy_far_away_cli. _The bundle gem is a life saver to newbies like myself for creating all the files I needed, including a readme file and a Code of Conduct file!

Now that the basic directories were set up I created a markdown notes file so that I could map out what I needed to create to make this app functional.

I know I needed three classes for this application to work. An API class that gets and creates objects, a film class that knows, stores, and creates films, a species class that does the same but with species and finally a CLI class that is going to be doing the heavy lifting of my app.

CLI Class

I figured the best place to start was with the CLI class. I created a rudimentary menu that will be used for giving the user options to choose from.

The snippet above shows the basic code that would make the user’s experience while using this app.

The welcome method should serve the purpose of setting the tone for the rest of this app. I used the gem colorize to add a little flair to the program to make the look slightly more appealing (or as appealing as a command line could be).

APIService Class

I used HTTParty gem to do the bulk of the work of getting the API, plus it saved me a few lines of code with an added bonus being that it has the word party in it! Since the endpoint of the API required different params for returning the information I wanted, I had to concatenate to the end of the BASE_URI. Initially I used a fancy .concat but when I would try to run my code it would break! Oh the frustration that caused! Turned out using .concat would create a funny error where it would add up both params together which was just wonky. The old tried and true way of just using a simple + was the right way to go.

Film Class

   def initialize(attr_hash)
        attr_hash.each do |k, v|
            self.send("#{k}=", v) if self.respond_to?("#{k}=")
        ## binding.pry

This little guy right here is a really higher level way of saying for each key and value of the hash returned from the API, it’s going to return the individual objects designated by the attr_accessor but only if it can find a designated key for it! Oh and the save method being called there is just a way to save the objects being created by the class into an empty array called @@all.


“It was as though you struggled against

fierce current jagged with debris…” — Robert Hayden

This project was one of the most challenging yet fun things to do! I enjoyed every process of it (including the frustration). At the end of this experience, I believe that building this app has made me understand things about programming that I would not have understood if I had not done this. The concepts I learned throughout the labs were tested throughout this app. However, this app has taught me to understand how those concepts in ruby work.

For those of you going through the bootcamp experience and are about to reach your first project, know that the challenge is worth it, don’t give up, and ultimately always be coding!

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A Ruby CLI to Remember

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Why should we use Ruby on Rails for Software Development?

What is Rails, Ruby on Rails?

Rails is a server-side web application development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Its emergence in 2005 has influenced and impacted web application development to a vast range, including but not limited to seamless database tables, migrations, and scaffolding of views. In the simplest understanding, Rails is a highly productive and intuitive software developer. 

Websites and applications of any complexity can be achieved with Ruby on Rails. The software is designed to perceive the needs of ruby on rails developers and encourage them with the best way out. It is designed to allow developers to write lesser code while spiking productivity much more than any other framework or language. Ruby on Rails rapid application development offers everyday web development tasks easier and uniquely out-of-the-box, both with the same effectiveness.

The Ruby on Rails framework is based on two philosophies:


  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY): It is a software development principle that ensures that every piece or entity of knowledge must be assigned with a single and unambiguous representation within a development system.

    It not only reduces the need to write lengthy codes but also eliminates the repetitive writing of codes. As a result, it provides a much more manageable web app development with the least possible bugs.


  • Convention over Configuration (CoC): It indicates the highly opinionated feature that the Ruby on Rails framework possesses. It offers ready-made solutions or the “best way out” for many tasks in a web application and defaults them to the convention without the need for external specification. The programmer using the software is required to specify only the unconventional aspects of the web application. 

Some of the commonly known websites built by the Ruby on Rails software developers are Instacart, Scribd, Shopify, Github, ConvertKit, Soundcloud, GoodReads, Airbnb. It finds its application in Sa-as Solutions, Social Networking Platforms, Dating websites, Stock Exchange Platforms, etc.  

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Why use Ruby on Rails: The multifold benefits

  • Community and its abundant resources 

    • There is a large community that is dedicated to Ruby on Rails that keeps it up-to-date and indeed encourages its family of developers to continue using it. They make sure the benefits are soaring with every update they make. 

    • The community is committed to developing several ready-to-use code packages, commonly known as gems, for its users. They discuss and announce new project launches, help each other with queries, and engage in framework discussions and betterment. While Ruby on Rails helps developers in rapid application development, it also connects and grows businesses together.

  • Project Scalability

    • To talk about scalability, we indicate the ability to grow and manage more and more user requests per minute (RPM). However, this depends on the architecture rather than the framework. The right architecture of Ruby on Rails web application development allows it to write bulky codes and programs as compared to early-stage difficulties with scalability. 

    • It uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. This will enable Rails to create efficient web applications based on Rails 6, launched last year in 2020, which addresses most scalability issues. The portable components are agile and help in a better understanding of new requirements and needful adaptations for any business. The framework and architecture allow both vertical and horizontal scalability.

  • Fast Application Development and Cost Effectiveness

    • Ruby on Rails is lucid, logical, and has lean code requirements, thereby cutting down redundancy and improving the overall development speed. Lesser amount of code is proportional to lesser time investment with optimal results. The more time it takes for development, the more expensive it becomes for the end customers.

    • Considering the ready-made code modules/packages (gems) available, Ruby on Rails development company will less time and money are spent creating and modifying Rails websites and applications. Another advantage that has made Ruby on Rails super attractive for startups is its use of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It has a component separation scheme that speeds up the web development process and fixes any errors that occur.  

  • Data Protection

    • Rails framework and the Ruby on Rails community put in a lot of efforts for data protection and security of its customer base. It is also one of the efficient frameworks for developing database-backed applications. 

    • The developers at Ruby on Rails cover many aspects of cybersecurity, including encryptions of  passwords, credit card information, and users’ personal database. Special measures are taken to prevent the framework from SQL injections and XSS attacks. 

  • Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development

    • Ruby on Rails simplifies the daily operations and lowers the cost of enterprise app developments. The prominent features include data management, seamless updating of applications, easy and efficient code development, and high scalability, as discussed above. 

    • Ruby on Rails enterprise application development is preferred by companies and is slightly cost-intensive. It can be easily integrated with third-party apps like Oracle Business, Oracle, Windows services, and others. Ruby enterprise app development allows the developers and programmers to solve the problems at the root level, given its transparency.

Ruby on Rails V/S Django

Checkout Blog on Django vs Ruby on Rails Comparison

Bottom Line

There are several reasons to prefer Ruby on Rails discussed above and extend further to early detection of errors, reduced time to market, and easy adaptation for API developments. It makes web programming much easier and simplifies website building of any complexity. Its flexibility and acceptance among new developers and programmers make it the perfect, one-stop choice for software application development company in 2021. 

Source: https://techsite.io/p/2121044

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Myriam  Rogahn

Myriam Rogahn


"Rewrite your Software," says Creator of Ruby on Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, co-founder & CTO of Basecamp, best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning race car driver, family man, frequent podcast guest, and inspirational conference speaker.

Ruby on Rails was created by David in 2003. From the day Evrone was founded, in 2008, we’ve been using the Rails open-source web framework daily. It has helped us write truly beautiful code for our projects thousands of times.

In addition to creating one of the most useful tools in software development, David has accomplished many other impressive feats, from writing the books “It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work”, “REWORK” and “REMOTE: Office Not Required”, to racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship. In 2014, he came in first in his class in the 82nd running of The 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s most prestigious sports car endurance race. He also won the WEC championship in the GTE-Am category that year.

In 2020, we invited David to speak at RubyRussia, Evrone’s 11th annual Moscow programming conference. Prior to the event, we got a chance to talk to David about the world of software development and his approach to writing phenomenal code.

The Interview

Evrone: Hey David, it’s a pleasure to be speaking with you today. Let’s start our interview. What is the best way for an average developer to decide whether they need to start with a “low JavaScript” approach and evolve their application later or use Angular, React or Vue from the start? What decision strategy would you recommend?

David: If you’re building something that looks or tastes like a vanilla web app, like Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, whatever, then I think minimal-JS is the way to go. It’s not no JS, just minimal. If you’re building something that’s highly interactive, like a game, or a photo editing app, or anything that’s more of the single-screen-tons-of-state variety, then looking into a full SPA makes sense.

**Evrone: **As codebase and team grow larger, what parts of the typical Rails application would you recommend to move into microservices? Given that a business wants a good code development organization, but rewriting the entire product from scratch is not an option.

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How You Can Reduce Ruby on Rails Maintenance Cost?


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