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Laravel vs WordPress

Comparing WordPress and Laravel is hard because the only thing they have in common is that they both use PHP. But to decide how to build your next project, you need to know the differences between the two options.

What is WordPress website development?

The WordPress Foundation makes WordPress, an open-source content management system. WordPress came out for the first time in 2003. It was written in PHP. WordPress is safe and can be used for free. It is a content management system (CMS) that was made so that people could write blogs, build websites, and make systems for managing websites. When someone needs a content-based portal, like a blog, newspaper, course, or another educational or informational website, they will use WordPress development services.

What is Laravel website development?

Laravel is a PHP web framework that can be used for free. This framework was made by Taylor Otwell and came out in 2011. It was written in PHP7. It makes the cross-platform operating system work and supports it. Most of the time, Laravel development services are used when a website needs to be complicated or has a lot of different parts. Most business owners and developers choose it. With the Laravel framework, it’s easy to manage such complicated websites because of the features that come with it.

Features of WordPress

  • Open source content management system
  • WordPress is not a framework; it is a fully-functional application.
  • Laravel is hard, while WordPress is easy.
  • Plugins can be used with WordPress to add more functionality.
  • The way WordPress works is with plugins.

Features Of Laravel

  • Laravel is a web framework that is free to use and is based on PHP.
  • Laravel is more complicated than WordPress. Laravel has great built-in features.
  • Model view controller architecture is the foundation of Laravel.

Let's look at some of the differences between Laravel and WordPress

Speed :


Speed As extensions increase, WP sites can slow down. Unoptimized code slows loading. Choosing well-coded plugins and reducing their quantity can create a successful website.


Speed As extensions increase, WP sites can slow down. Unoptimized code slows loading. Choosing well-coded plugins and reducing their quantity can create a successful website.



WordPress frequently takes a long time to load and some add-ons operate poorly. This has less of an impact on smaller sites, but sophisticated solutions can be a huge challenge if not optimised.


WordPress frequently takes a long time to load and some add-ons operate poorly. This has less of an impact on smaller sites, but sophisticated solutions can be a huge challenge if not optimized.



WP provides various simple methods for making your site visible to search engines. WordPress sites often rank well in search results.


Laravel does not include any SEO functionality out of the box. However, there are a variety of services accessible to optimize content. Experts will have no trouble outperforming Wordpress’s SEO results.



Security is one of the biggest issues with WordPress as a number of vulnerabilities have been discovered (and patched) in the past. This mainly applies to downloadable plugins and themes which are mostly outside of Automattic’s control. However, WP has improved a lot in this aspect over the years.


Laravel comes with advanced security features built into the framework. This includes strong authentication mechanisms, password encryption, route protection, and protection against the most common threats. The advantage for Laravel.

Which would you pick?

Which option is better? This is a very hard choice to make. Let’s look at some situations and see things from this point of view.


Blogs about travel, food, or anything else are always fun to read. Most of the time, writers may not have the skills to make a website on their own. In this case, it would be a good idea to use WordPress because it is easy to keep track of all the content, blogs, and posts. WordPress can also help you reach more people online because it is SEO-friendly.

Web apps and web portals

Some web apps have needs and requirements that are hard to understand. Also, use WordPress if the goal of your project is to make something quickly and cheaply. But as your website gets more complicated, Laravel becomes the best choice. The Laravel framework is needed for a web app that manages large amounts of data, uses new tools to work together, and needs to work with online dealerships around the world.

Online Shopping site

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for WordPress that is used to make shopping sites. This plugin turns your website into a responsive one that can show an unlimited number of products and has payment options built right in. Just in case, if you want to show off about 10,000 products, Laravel is the best way to do this.

Speed and Performance of Laravel vs. WordPress

Laravel is a platform that is easy to use and runs faster and smoother. It writes database queries with Eloquent ORM, which makes most tasks easier. Without Eloquent, Laravel moves more slowly. When plugins are used, they can slow down WordPress. But if you use plugins that are well written and work well, WordPress will run quite quickly.

We hope you understand the facts and numbers you need to think about before deciding what to do. If You are confused about which platform to use, feel free to talk to us about your project. As a perfect WordPress Development Company, Our experts will help you figure out the best choice for you according to your requirements.

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Laravel Vs CodeIgniter (Choosing Best PHP Framework In 2021)

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Do you want to create an outstanding web application? You would need a flexible and scalable framework in terms of architecture. Laravel and CodeIgniter have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Both frameworks can use to create robust and high-performance web apps. Laravel powers around 0.37% of the websites while CodeIgniter holds 0.36% of the market share.

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Laravel, being a popular open-source PHP framework, is widely used for building websites and web applications. As this framework uses the MVC pattern, it provides comfortable and easy development. One gets complete control over the project over the development of applications as external APIs can be implemented. Laravel’s MVC architecture reuses the application logic to create scalable web apps.

On the other hand, CodeIgniter is an object-oriented, event-driven functional framework that helps to create fully-featured web applications. It considers as one of the best frameworks to develop dynamic websites and web apps. As the users do not need to rely on MVC development patterns, it can be integrated with third-party plugins to add complex features to the web app. CodeIgniter is known for its amazing security.

1. Built-In Modules
Laravel allows web developers to break the project into smaller modules through a bundle. They can re-use the models across different projects and save development costs.CodeIgniter does not support built-in modules and the programmers need to create and maintain multiple modules with the help of Modular Extension.

2. Library Usage
Laravel possesses object-oriented libraries that used to add the right features. Laravel libraries are comparatively easier to use than the ones available for CodeIgniter.

Laravel offers RESTful controllers to help the developers create custom REST APIs without writing any additional code. CodeIgniter does not provide such a feature to simplify the development of APIs. CodeIgniter developers may have to write more code as compared to Laravel developers while creating web apps.

4. HTTPS Support
Laravel supports the HTTPS route and helps programmers to make the right decision for creating a specific URL for each HTTPS route. With CodeIgniter development, programmers need to manage URL helpers to enable protection for data transmission.

5. Data Migration
Laravel provides greater support for data migration while CodeIgniter may have limitations and it may be time-consuming to migrate data while using it.database migration
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6. PHP Version Support
Both Laravel and CodeIgniter frameworks support the latest PHP version i.e. PHP 7.X. The developers and testers may find it easy to build web apps with Laravel as compared to CodeIgniter development.

7. Technical Documentation
When we talk about the technical documentation for both frameworks, CodeIgniter wins the race as it has easy-to-understand documentation. On the other hand, Laravel has tough documentation that may not be easy to understand for all programmers.

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Php how to delete multiple rows through checkbox using ajax in laravel

First thing, we will need a table and i am creating products table for this example. So run the following query to create table.

CREATE TABLE `products` (
 `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `name` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL,
 `description` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL,
 `created_at` timestamp NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
 `updated_at` datetime DEFAULT NULL,

Next, we will need to insert some dummy records in this table that will be deleted.

INSERT INTO `products` (`name`, `description`) VALUES

('Test product 1', 'Product description example1'),

('Test product 2', 'Product description example2'),

('Test product 3', 'Product description example3'),

('Test product 4', 'Product description example4'),

('Test product 5', 'Product description example5');

Now we are redy to create a model corresponding to this products table. Here we will create Product model. So let’s create a model file Product.php file under app directory and put the code below.


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Product extends Model
    protected $fillable = [

Step 2: Create Route

Now, in this second step we will create some routes to handle the request for this example. So opeen routes/web.php file and copy the routes as given below.


Route::get('product', 'ProductController@index');
Route::delete('product/{id}', ['as'=>'product.destroy','uses'=>'ProductController@destroy']);
Route::delete('delete-multiple-product', ['as'=>'product.multiple-delete','uses'=>'ProductController@deleteMultiple']);

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Laravel App Development Company in India, Hire Laravel Developers

Hire our expert team of Laravel app developers for flexible PHP applications across various cloud service providers.

With this easy build technology, we develop feature-rich apps that make your complex business process a lot easier. Our apps are,

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  • A good framework lets you manage and organize resources better.
  • And have a rich community base.

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Why Use WordPress? What Can You Do With WordPress?

Can you use WordPress for anything other than blogging? To your surprise, yes. WordPress is more than just a blogging tool, and it has helped thousands of websites and web applications to thrive. The use of WordPress powers around 40% of online projects, and today in our blog, we would visit some amazing uses of WordPress other than blogging.
What Is The Use Of WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world. It is the first choice of businesses that want to set a feature-rich and dynamic Content Management System. So, if you ask what WordPress is used for, the answer is – everything. It is a super-flexible, feature-rich and secure platform that offers everything to build unique websites and applications. Let’s start knowing them:

1. Multiple Websites Under A Single Installation
WordPress Multisite allows you to develop multiple sites from a single WordPress installation. You can download WordPress and start building websites you want to launch under a single server. Literally speaking, you can handle hundreds of sites from one single dashboard, which now needs applause.
It is a highly efficient platform that allows you to easily run several websites under the same login credentials. One of the best things about WordPress is the themes it has to offer. You can simply download them and plugin for various sites and save space on sites without losing their speed.

2. WordPress Social Network
WordPress can be used for high-end projects such as Social Media Network. If you don’t have the money and patience to hire a coder and invest months in building a feature-rich social media site, go for WordPress. It is one of the most amazing uses of WordPress. Its stunning CMS is unbeatable. And you can build sites as good as Facebook or Reddit etc. It can just make the process a lot easier.
To set up a social media network, you would have to download a WordPress Plugin called BuddyPress. It would allow you to connect a community page with ease and would provide all the necessary features of a community or social media. It has direct messaging, activity stream, user groups, extended profiles, and so much more. You just have to download and configure it.
If BuddyPress doesn’t meet all your needs, don’t give up on your dreams. You can try out WP Symposium or PeepSo. There are also several themes you can use to build a social network.

3. Create A Forum For Your Brand’s Community
Communities are very important for your business. They help you stay in constant connection with your users and consumers. And allow you to turn them into a loyal customer base. Meanwhile, there are many good technologies that can be used for building a community page – the good old WordPress is still the best.
It is the best community development technology. If you want to build your online community, you need to consider all the amazing features you get with WordPress. Plugins such as BB Press is an open-source, template-driven PHP/ MySQL forum software. It is very simple and doesn’t hamper the experience of the website.
Other tools such as wpFoRo and Asgaros Forum are equally good for creating a community blog. They are lightweight tools that are easy to manage and integrate with your WordPress site easily. However, there is only one tiny problem; you need to have some technical knowledge to build a WordPress Community blog page.

4. Shortcodes
Since we gave you a problem in the previous section, we would also give you a perfect solution for it. You might not know to code, but you have shortcodes. Shortcodes help you execute functions without having to code. It is an easy way to build an amazing website, add new features, customize plugins easily. They are short lines of code, and rather than memorizing multiple lines; you can have zero technical knowledge and start building a feature-rich website or application.
There are also plugins like Shortcoder, Shortcodes Ultimate, and the Basics available on WordPress that can be used, and you would not even have to remember the shortcodes.

5. Build Online Stores
If you still think about why to use WordPress, use it to build an online store. You can start selling your goods online and start selling. It is an affordable technology that helps you build a feature-rich eCommerce store with WordPress.
WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress and is one of the most used eCommerce solutions. WooCommerce holds a 28% share of the global market and is one of the best ways to set up an online store. It allows you to build user-friendly and professional online stores and has thousands of free and paid extensions. Moreover as an open-source platform, and you don’t have to pay for the license.
Apart from WooCommerce, there are Easy Digital Downloads, iThemes Exchange, Shopify eCommerce plugin, and so much more available.

6. Security Features
WordPress takes security very seriously. It offers tons of external solutions that help you in safeguarding your WordPress site. While there is no way to ensure 100% security, it provides regular updates with security patches and provides several plugins to help with backups, two-factor authorization, and more.
By choosing hosting providers like WP Engine, you can improve the security of the website. It helps in threat detection, manage patching and updates, and internal security audits for the customers, and so much more.

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