A Google Translate API PHP Package

A Google Translate API PHP Package

Free Google Translate API PHP Package. Translates totally free of charge.

Google Translate PHP

Free Google Translate API PHP Package. Translates totally free of charge.


Install this package via Composer.

composer require stichoza/google-translate-php

Note: PHP 7.1 or later is required.

Basic Usage

Create GoogleTranslate object

use Stichoza\GoogleTranslate\GoogleTranslate;

$tr = new GoogleTranslate('en'); // Translates into English

Or you can change languages later

$tr = new GoogleTranslate(); // Translates to 'en' from auto-detected language by default
$tr->setSource('en'); // Translate from English
$tr->setSource(); // Detect language automatically
$tr->setTarget('ka'); // Translate to Georgian

Translate sentences

echo $tr->translate('Hello World!');

Also, you can also use method chaining

echo $tr->setSource('en')->setTarget('ka')->translate('Goodbye');

Or call a shorthand static method trans

echo GoogleTranslate::trans('Hello again', 'ka', 'en');

Advanced Usage

Language Detection

To detect language automatically, just set the source language to null:

$tr = new GoogleTranslate('es', null); // Or simply do not pass the second parameter 
$tr->setSource(); // Another way

Use getLastDetectedSource() to get detected language:

$tr = new GoogleTranslate('fr');

$text = $tr->translate('Hello World!');

echo $tr->getLastDetectedSource(); // Output: en

Return value will be null if the language couldn't be detected.

Using Raw Response

For advanced usage, you might need the raw results that Google Translate provides. you can use getResponse method for that.

$responseArray = $tr->getResponse('Hello world!');

Custom URL

You can override the default Google Translate url by setUrl method. Useful for some countries


HTTP Client Configuration

This package uses Guzzle for HTTP requests. You can pass an array of guzzle client configuration options as a third parameter to GoogleTranslate constructor, or just use setOptions method.

You can configure proxy, user-agent, default headers, connection timeout and so on using this options.

$tr = new GoogleTranslate('en', 'ka', [
    'timeout' => 10,
    'proxy' => [
        'http'  => 'tcp://localhost:8125',
        'https' => 'tcp://localhost:9124'
    'headers' => [
        'User-Agent' => 'Foo/5.0 Lorem Ipsum Browser'
// Set proxy to tcp://localhost:8090
$tr->setOptions(['proxy' => 'tcp://localhost:8090'])->translate('Hello');

// Set proxy to socks5://localhost:1080
$tr->setOptions(['proxy' => 'socks5://localhost:1080'])->translate('World');

Custom Token Generator

You can override the token generator class by passing a generator object as a fourth parameter of constructor or just use setTokenProvider method.

use Stichoza\GoogleTranslate\Tokens\TokenProviderInterface;

class MyTokenGenerator implements TokenProviderInterface
    public function generateToken(string $source, string $target, string $text) : string
        // Your code here

And use:

$tr->setTokenProvider(new MyTokenGenerator);

Errors and Exception Handling

Static method trans() and non-static translate() and getResponse() will throw following Exceptions:

  • ErrorException If the HTTP request fails for some reason.
  • UnexpectedValueException If data received from Google cannot be decoded.

In addition, translate() and trans() methods will return null if there is no translation available.

Known Limitations

  • 503 Service Unavailable response: If you are getting this error, it is most likely that Google has banned your external IP address and/or requires you to solve a CAPTCHA. This is not a bug in this package. Google has become stricter, and it seems like they keep lowering the number of allowed requests per IP per a certain amount of time. Try sending less requests to stay under the radar, or change your IP frequently. Please note that once an IP is banned, even if it's only temporary, the ban can last from a few minutes to more than 12-24 hours, as each case is different.
  • 429 Too Many Requests response: This error is basically the same as explained above.
  • 413 Request Entity Too Large response: This error means that your input string is too long. Google only allows a maximum of 5000 characters to be translated at once. If you want to translate a longer text, you can split it to shorter parts, and translate them one-by-one.
  • 403 Forbidden response: This is not an issue with this package. Google Translate itself has some problems when it comes to translating some characters and HTML entities.

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